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Friday, November 18, 2005
Devils and Dust in the Hallway...
Lucky and I collected money for the Community FoodBank of NJ at the Arena this Wednesday. What a rainy day! Fortunately, unlike collecting at Giants Stadium, we got to stand inside with our green and white tshirts and buckets. Since Bruce was playing an acoustic solo concert and the seating was limited, we weren't going to be able to actually see him perform. We had been prepped for that and were expecting to listen in the hallway... however, some wonderful soul donated an extra pair of seats minutes before Bruce started, and we got to sit!!!!!

I enjoyed the concert a lot. It was the closest you could come to envisioning the Boss playing around in his cottage studio retooling his classics and bringing back little-known numbers that he obviously cherished but didn't work well in an E Street-stadium tour setting. Of course, there also were a lot of songs from the new album. For the set list, go toBackstreets.

The stage was set up similar to the Devils and Dust videos filmed at the Paramount. Simple chandelier, black curtains, and lots of instruments. When his numerous guitars weren't in use... he played the harmonica, piano, pump organ, ukulele, and the folksinger's fave... the autoharp. Some former fratboys were befuddled by the "be quiet" rules that were handed out at the ticket gates. Basically, no beer, tshirts, etc. would be sold past 7:50, you would have to wait until a song ended to go back to your seat, etc. Not a biggie considering that this was more a theater experience than a concert that you blow $7 on a cup of domestic swill. We witnessed one of the beer-tenders making some good tips serving latecomers until her manager closed her down.

There seemed to be many people disappointed with the show because they were expecting him to play more of his hits (not like he said that he was going to, and this being the last leg of his tour, they should have known better!). But others, true "Bruce fans" (ala Lucky) simply loved it. Because of the simplicity of the setup, it gave each song a chance to be individual pearls. One note of disappointment, Bruce didn't perform "If I Should Fall Behind" (also known as our wedding song). This seemed to be the perfect setting for it. But should I be complaining about a free concert... nay.

We raised quite a bit. It amazes me at the variety of people who donate/ or don't. Welldressed men would look into my bucket to see if I was giving away something like I'm a Loews usher offering free AppleCranberry Trident samples. And a young guy with MS (in a wheelchair) gave us $5. Honestly, I almost cried, it was so sweet.

Lucky and I had just seen many of the FBers on the Saturday before. A gala was held in Kathleen's honor to create a legacy fund. She created the FoodBank 30 years ago and they want to make sure it continues after she retires (although I don't imagine that being any time soon. It's so wonderful being a part of a nonprofit where you see the head of the organization being very hands on and so dedicated to her cause). Considering that I usually only see Kathleen and the staff in sweatshirts and jeans (it is a warehouse after all), it was wonderful seeing them all glammed up for the black-tie event. Have to admit, I was a bit jealous... the gala was outsourced instead of being done by the volunteers like the Bluejean Ball. So the centerpieces were around $150-200 each (but tickets were $500 each). I usually spend under $20 per table at the BJB. Plus not being in control of the raffle was a bit weird. PS: Donations are down regarding turkeys while requests are up so if you have a free turkey/ham coupon, USE it and give it to your local charity. (Down from the soapbox)

In other news, this weekend marks the first birthday of the gift store. I can't believe that my mom and I have been shopowners for a year. We certainly have learned a lot and are really enjoying being a part of the community. We will be having our celebration sales event on Dec. 10. Tell your friends.

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