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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Lucky and I went to the Stone Pony on Saturday for Weird NJ's Halloween Party. It was a last minute decision brought on by his friends wanting to go (they ended up not showing up) and so we put these costumes together in just a few days. It's hard to find couple costumes with a NJ theme so we went with being concrete store markers... I went as Miss Uniroyal who usually hangs out on Black Horse Pike, Lucky went as Wilson's Carpet Muffler Man who is seen on the Sopranos.

Yes, there other people dressed as them... The person who won the costume contest was another version of the Muffler Man. I personally was rooting for the guy who wrote on his hand "Clam Broth House" and went as the famed Hoboken restaurant's pointing finger sign.

Got to briefly talk to Mark Sceurman (the bearded one of the Marks, who was dressed as an adult-rated PepBoys matchbook... Mark Moran went as an Action Park casualty) and spotted Zacherley (ok, an incredible likeness) who like Lucky was able to make BOTH Chiller Theatre and Weird NJ's party.

Lucky almost didn't get into Chiller Theatre because the line was so long. He actually purchased something.. Were-Rabbit figurine sets which are soo cute. Some of them are already on display in the kitchen.

I opened the store today so that I could hand out candy to the kids. I'm such the "first halloweener"... I made lollipop napkin ghosts to hand out. Like that will ever happen again :lol: Actually had a couple of sales; does this mean I will have to be open on Mondays too? Argggg.

Monday, October 17, 2005
Wow! I'm not an anglophile by any means, but this weekend I was in awe of several Britannian boys.

1. Saw "Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit"... it was so funny, I cried. The bunnies were far too cute for their own good. Apparently the "stinky bishop" cheese maker is worried that he won't have enough of the cheese to meet demand since the last time Nick Park's lad mentioned a cheese, sales of that cheese went up tremendously.

2. Queen and Paul Rodgers... Zowee what a concert!!! When I bought the tix a few months ago, I wasn't expecting much. It was more along the lines of "Hey, Queen is playing 40 minutes away and is only playing one other concert (in LA!!!) so why not? But paying big bucks? Eh, I'll get us the cheap seats (with a 25% "convenience charge")"

The seats were quite nice considering they were the last row (section 243, row 17, seats 1-2)... we were practically centerstage and had the row by ourselves. Only problem was when I "headbanged" into the stair railing behind me, leaving me with a headache for a few hours.

It was like seeing several bands in one... Paul Rodgers sang some of his own songs of yore, and Brian May and Roger Taylor did their own vocalizing while all three took turns filling Freddie's leotard. It didn't sound like Freddie (they fully acknowledged that... for Bohemian Rhapsody, they relied heavily on video footage)... Paul Rodgers sounded a bit like Tom Jones covering Queen songs (Lucky also pointed out that he looked a lot like Danny Bonaduce!); but had they wanted to have a closer replacement to Freddy, like Ian Astbury was to Jim Morrison, they would have gone with George Michael.

It was good to hear a new interpretation to these classic songs and see how they have survived. The instrumental solos were FANTASTIC... compositions rather than the silly jamming that often happens. Kudos to May and Taylor on that (but perhaps a little less Spinal Tap posing on May's part, then again, i forgive him since he was a bit nervous playing in the US for the first time in 23 years.

What was so enjoyable was the energy that the band and the audience had, singing together. This was what the Eagles' concert should have been. The three of them were not "phoning it in" like Henley and Frey.

Here's the setlist.

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