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Thursday, July 28, 2005
I love living in my own "Star's Hollow"... last week, game night was going to the movie theater to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while having dinner (the theater removed every other row of seats and replaced them with coffee tables for snacking... bonus is that you don't have annoying kids banging the backs of your seats). For less than $25, you can get 2 movie tickets, a large pizza, and a pitcher of Yuengling. Woo hoo!

This weekend, the town is having a concert in the park. I can't wait to walk down there, picking up some Mexican food, and noshing, listening, and people-watching with Lucky and the family.

LESSON LEARNED: Attend all meetings when you join a local organization. I almost was voted president of the town historical society but was able to decline (Although it would have been interesting, I would feel odd, seeing that I am a good 30 years younger than the average member). Now they are going to try to get someone who missed the meeting. Filling the office positions was rather like having a bunch of confirmed batchelors at the garter throw.

PS: I dedicate this post to Petey who wisely shouted my name with glee at his sisters and parents, while Lucky and I were visiting.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
This weekend was so much fun.
On Friday, we went out with friends to get Vietnamese food... Alas, they closed at 9 and so we went to Silk Road and ate Afghani food instead.

Saturday night, I went to sleep early to prep for the coming few days and Lucky went to meet some other friends at Lance & Debbie's Wonder Bar in Asbury Park to see Rip Dash Rock (music like if the Ramones grew up in the Bayou).

Sunday, while Lucky headed to a BBQ and a viewing of The Fantastic Four, my mom and I headed out to the Philadelphia Gift Show. Feet hurt like we did a marathon (or rather, like I imagine what my feet would feel like if we had ever done a marathon) and the stairway to the parking area was the worst ever. However, we did find a lot of great things. Afterwards, I introduced my mom to Mastori's (since it had been recently featured on "Best Of" on the Food Network.

The next day, we headed to NYC for the Fancy Food Show. We're considering doing food gift baskets for the holidays and wanted to see what was what. OMG... it was sooooo worth the $35 entry fee. We stuffed ourselves with pat├ęs, caviar (my mom only), gelato, exotic juices, and cheeses from around the world.

Celebrity spotting: Mike Colameco, Paul Prudhomme, and surprisingly... Susan Lucci!


Happy Birthday, Lucky!

May you have a wonderful 35th year of living...

Friday, July 08, 2005
I can't believe it's Friday already... again. I remember when I was little and a two hour drive would last forever; now, a whole week goes by when I blink twice.

Last Friday, we watched the new version of "The Italian Job" and rathered enjoyed it... those Mini Coopers are so sexy cute. The next day, I worked while Lucky went on a buggy buggy hike. And at night we went out to celebrate our third month-iversary. That's right... we have been married now longer than it took to plan the wedding. Sometimes I amaze myself that I was able to put together a wedding in less than 90 days.

Sunday, we spent the day in Asbury Park. The boardwalk has truly transformed (not to mention the parking... we took 2 circles around the area to find a spot!!! This from a place were I used to do cartwheels in the middle of the street since there was NO traffic). The walkway in the Casino is now open (granted, there are nets above to catch falling plaster), and the large antique store with the pet dogs and female nude paintings has been subdivided into small boardwalk-sized shops. It's odd to see Asbury Park so alive. I'm happy but a bit sad since it was somewhere that I could go to that noone else would. My little secret paradise. And now, it's filled with PEOPLE.

We stretched out on the beach and listened to Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes do their warmup for the concert we watched later that night (Lucky and I also spotted Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg walking around the Casino... it's weird seeing people I used to deal with at my old job). The concert was fantastic. The band was celebrating their 30th anniversary playing and of course, they had to play the Stone Pony. Not crazy about Johnny Lyon's moustache, but I loved the energy he and the band had playing together.

The following day, we went to Stitch and Lilo's to try their pool for the first and probable last time since they are moving to the Trenton area. Stitch made an awesome grilled salmon, and we all watched "Shaun of the Dead". Dang, that is a funny movie. Afterwards, we watched illegal fireworks on the bay.

Tuesday, my mom and I closed the store and went to see the Kutztown Festival. We thought we'd probably not see anything of note that we needed to share with our customers but went anyways. The family-style lunch was delicious, but honestly not much had changed in the 20 years that had passed since the last time we went (except the quilts are much more expensive). So now, we know.

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