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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
On Sunday, Lucky and I saw Billy Idol at the Beacon. Dang, has that guy kept in shape! He also seemed to love performing. Just gleaming (his smile... although the sweat on his bare chest did gleam too!). I was very happy that his new album does not suck. In fact, some songs were definitely keepers. He finished with "Mony Mony" and the chorus "hey m-fers, get laid get f-ed" reminded me that the stupid dj did not play the song AS REQUESTED for Helen at our wedding. Which reminded me that I hadn't actually talked about the wedding on my blog... So here it is.


Why have I put this off for so long? Well, the main reason was that I don't think it was that different from all other weddings out there. There was a ceremony, people ate, people danced, people bowled. Ok, maybe that was a bit different.

So maybe I'll just mention the special touches that made our wedding OUR WEDDING.

1. Our friend Baloo was the minister. Yet another one of those Universal Ministers ('cept he got his ordination after sending in a coupon from the back of the Rolling Stone vs. clicking "ordain me"... this was his second wedding ceremony)

2. I designed a religious stole for Baloo to wear.

3. Lucky wore a three piece suit (black with silver paisley vest) instead of a tuxedo and I had an orchid-colored, two-piece, corset style gown with a finger-length white sparkly veil and hello kitty pink flowered tiera. FrenchToastGirl also painted henna daisies on the top of my feet the night before (a great reminder in addition to the rings that I had really gotten married!). My jewelry was custom designed by the gal who consigns her jewelry at my store (purples and pearls).

4. We had no wedding party. Our brothers were our witnesses, and our families walked down the aisle to "Clair de Lun"

5. Our flower girl actually put flowers on the ground instead of being a crying mess. And she's ONLY 2!!!

6. I walked down to a piano version of "At Last".

7. The flower arrangements were all in tussie mussies. That way, when the flowers died, our family had a keepsake to fill with fresh flowers. Also, since the mussies have stands, they didn't have to worry about what to do with them during the reception. Mine had a bumblebee in it to symbolize my dad.

8. We stood on a small rug during the ceremony so that I could have the exact location where we exchanged vows (When I left my apartment, I took a picture of the kitchen tile where Lucky first kissed me. I can be girlysap sometimes).

9. I wrote the ceremony. It included a handfasting for the actual vows. Two friends (one being Stitch) did readings, and my brother & roommate emeritus FTG sang "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow."

10. We walked down the aisle as a married couple to "It Had to Be You" (FTG's hubby did the ceremonial piano music. Another friend played beforehand).

11. Lucky and I actually saw each other before the wedding. We were planning on having some photos taken before the ceremony but alas, because of some troubles in communication, we actually missed much of the snacky hour so that we could have those posed photos for posterity's sake. (And dang it if we aren't the hottest couple!!! Thank you Dennis Becker photographer extraordinaire)

12. Our rings were ordered online. We ordered the Glasgow knot bands in white gold. It was nice to find a site that offered a lot of different Celtic knot choices (The mall jewelers only had one or two) plus the turnaround time was amazingly short.

13. The ceremony was in the same location as the reception. Since it was pouring, I'm sure that many were thanking us for this instead of making them rush to their cars in the rain and then trying to find the hall peering through the windshield pelted with water droplets.

14. The location is a national historic landmark which is situated on a lake overlooking foothills. Lake Mohawk Country Club is in Sparta, NJ which meant that we didn't have to pay Central Jersey prices (not cheap... but we didn't spend the average $32,000!) and they were soooo nice and attentive!

15. Friends signed the mat that will frame the original drawing that Lucky did for our program. Except for Stitch... who signed a lemon (don't ask, it's Stitch).

16. We also asked them to draw some sketches to add to our art collection.

17. The tables had Moroccan lanterns and votive holders in jewel-tones (That way, who ever got to take the centerpiece home didn't have to worry about spilling water... and then dealing with dead flowers and a half melted candle). The table number cards were made by using the graphic from our wedding invitation (black and white photo of trees which I punched up with some green to mimic the paper ribbon I added on the invitation). The placecards were leaves cut out of the same paper ribbon.

18. We walked into the reception to "What a Wonderful World" sung by Joey Ramone. Our first dance was to "If I Should Fall Behind" which is written by Bruce Springsteen. However, this version was sung by Robin and Linda Williams (We liked the idea of it being a duet by a couple married for over 30 years). Lucky and his mom danced to "Close to You" which was covered by the Cranberries. The Carpenters' version always reminded his mom of when he was born. My mom and I danced to a waltz that my dad used to play on the piano.

19. Our friend Glenn was given creative control over the disposable cameras. At this wedding, he had friends run outside with an umbrella and have their photo taken. Some great shots were had!

20. The wedding favor was a paper flower which had wildflower seeds embedded in it. Strung up with our wedding info on leaves similar to the placecards, they were hung on forced cherry blossom twigs. Extra ones were tossed on the tables for an added accent.

21. We had alot of music that we requested to be played and NOT played. Unfortunately, everytime the DJ played something on our list that wasn't the usual, he would preface it by saying that we asked that it be played and how unique it was. It goes without saying (but I'm still doing so)... the DJ sucked. But that's what I get for planning a wedding in three months and not being able to get the DJ I wanted (Chuck Russo rocks).

22. The food...
SALAD: Wild fieldgreens with dried fruit and candied walnuts
SOUP: Cream of potato (instead of the pasta dish)
ENTREE: Chicken forestiere (wild mushroom sauce), filet mignon/shrimp scampi, vegetable phyllo
DESSERT: Fruit plate

23. The wedding cake was actually made of Krispy Keme donuts. LMCC served them on a plate with raspberry sauce drizzled on it; it looked so sophisticated. Krispy Kreme's only retail location is in the town that Lucky is from and we actually had gone to its grand opening a few years back (5 am!!!)... We ate our shared donut to the refrains of Marilyn Monroe singing "I Wanna Be Loved By You" which was the song that played right after Lucky proposed at the Jersey Loews.

24. We had a featured wedding wine (with personalized labels). Valenzano's Shamong Red is our "official family wine"... I also gave it as a wedding present to my brother and his wife. Who says Jersey wines aren't yummy?!?!?

25. After the reception, about 20 of us made it to the Kingpin Lanes in Franklin to go bowling. It was nice to spend quality time with our guests. I wore my official wedding socks... Betty Boop!

If you would like access to our wedding photos or would like a list of the songs we requested, please email me.

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