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Friday, March 25, 2005
"A Bride's Prayer"

Oh dear spirits in the sky,
help this bride no tears do cry.
Bless her with the dress she chose
before she comes to blows
With the salon owner.


Yep, it's a week before the wedding and I DO NOT HAVE THE DRESS WHICH I PAID EXTRA TO GET A RUSH ORDER ON!!!
(or the tiara and veil). Jees, even the flower girl has a dress. How can I decide if the jewelry I had commissioned works? How can I do a practice hairdo? That's right, I can't.

A friend of mine told me yesterday that a valued friendship that they've had for over a decade is dying. It wasn't a surprise to me since I had seen the one-sidedness of it for a while, but still it was sad to see my friend go through the realization. Losig a friendship is never easy, especially when you have given it your all (I went through something similar last year and it still smarts).

As the wedding approaches, it makes me more appreciative of my family and friends. The people who have guided and accompanied me on that road of life. Those who I see weekly, monthly, yearly... all have played a part. So as I become scatterbrained with all this wedding stuff, please forgive me and know that I am indeed grateful for the time you have spent with me.

Saturday, March 19, 2005
My friend Abina is in Bhutan for the next few months. Unfortunately, she's going to miss our wedding... so I will make sure that "Baby got Back" is played for her at the reception. To keep us all current with her adventure, she started a blog.

Thursday, March 17, 2005
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Last night, Lucky and I celebrated early by going to the Colorado Cafe to see Mini Kiss! Drinking green beer and wearing shamrock boppers on your head, while watching little people singing Kiss cover tunes (the music was tracked).... definitely a surreal experience!!!

Today, I received the new centerpieces for the wedding and the makings for the "wedding cake" setup. So far, I'm feeling a bit more under control.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Please say no.
So far only two people have declined their wedding invitations. Don't you people know that I have 30 people waiting for you to say that you can't make it since your second cousin twice removed might have the twins that day?

Right now, I'm dealing with the vendors who says they can't promise that the centerpieces I ordered in JANUARY will be in on time from India. (Breathing)

My former boss used to say that I reminded him of a duck... looking smooth and all type B while paddling furiously underneath. Well, I am paddling like an early daffy duck cartoon.

Thursday, March 03, 2005
The idiot who was supposedly voted president by 52% of the public will be speaking about a block from my old apartment. I did consider going there to protest but:
1. I need to get a veil.
2. There is no way that anyone who opposes his narrowminded beliefs will be allowed anywhere near him (Most recent example... the cancelled German town meeting)
3. There is no way that he would even be driven past the area that the protestors will be allowed to be.
4. The police will be PITAs and be ticketing everyone for "parking violations."

The fact that he is choosing a town where the average household income is $90,000 versus the nation's average of $40k is not a surprise. That he's choosing a town that has one of the area's largest temples is. I just hope that he doesn't get gelato at my favorite haunt...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
I know this is a bit silly, but I got weepy last night while watching the Gilmore Girls. Luke and Lorelai are back together. Which is good since I am one month away from getting married and so am VERRRRRY fragile right now. I've already apologized for yelling at Lucky (not that I have yet, but I have a feeling I will before this is all behind us).

This week I will accomplish:
Choosing a veil
Getting favors done
Choosing music
Getting hair done
Facial (don't get me started. The place I went sucked).
Get cake vendor
Order wine

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