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Friday, November 19, 2004
Tomorrow, the doors to our gift store open. This is the "soft opening"... kinda like a runthru, a dress rehearsal of sorts except hopefully "the audience" is paying :)

Not everything is priced yet, but hopefully we'll get a chance to do that tomorrow. It's going to rain so not expecting large crowds. Have to say it's pretty cool having people stop to look at the storefront sign Lucky made and wondering what is that going to be.

Tonight, we're going to see the Writeres in the Raw concert at the Starland... Patty Scialfa and the boys of salted pork fame will be performing. And then afterwards, it's a traditional Bacon Brothers concert. My last night as an "unemployed gal." Although that's really not true. I've had maybe 10 days where I did nothing but watch judge shows. Other days, I have been researching, ordering, etc. It didn't really seem like much of a break. Oh well... if you have a chance to break away from the 9-5 for a while, take advantage and travel... go canoeing, skiing, rock climbing, spend a day to yourself. I really didn't take as much time for myself as I should have, and who knows when I'll get that chance again (another 10 years?)

Anyways, when I do have el Grande Opening, I'll let you know (probably Dec 18). Cheers.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Yesterday, a 56 year old woman gave birth to twins. That's something I have difficulty dealing with considering my personal experience.

You see I think it's rather selfish to have children when you have reached a certain age (no matter your gender). You are setting your children up to having no parents when they are just out of college; never have your grandchildren have an Oma.

She may be planning on living until her nineties and has a fit lifestyle but so did my dad. And had my parents had me at this new mother's age, I would have lost my father at the age of 6.

I know she mentioned at the press conference that she did not make this decision to have children lightly. And I know she is telling the truth. When I saw her last (over two years ago), she had been trying to have children. Seeing how the shots were affecting her body, I thought why was she going through all this. Why not adopt older children who need love? Now I still feel this way... Did she feel the need to go through the pregnancy (she used donated eggs) to feel that these two were really her children?

Yes, she may be financially prepared to have these children but no matter the age, a person needs their parents.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
The website is up!!!

After over a month of problems with Yahoo... I present to you the website. Storefront will be opening in a few weeks!

Ok, first Britney Spears had that famous 52 hour marriage and gets married a few months later to a totally different guy; now Nicki Hilton and her husband of three months are calling it quits (actually, getting it annulled so no free hotel stays for him!). J Lo is already on her third (almost fourth) marriage ... And gays who have been in a stable relationship for decades are not allowed to receive the same rights as a traditional husband and wife.

I just don't get how America can't get past the gender thing. One of the arguments for keeping the marriage definition traditional is because of the child factor. Well, I know several straight couples who decided not to have children and they were allowed to get married. What about friends who are having difficulty getting pregnant; should their marriage be annulled?!

Argggg.... I could go on but I don't want to pull ALL of my hair out.

And yes, I am going to get involved with politics a lot more (Thanks W for all of your inspiration!)

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