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Monday, September 20, 2004
Much has happened since I last posted... Last month, I joined a gym. And although I have only lost about 10 pounds, I am looking slimmer thanks to the yoga classes. My mom and I have gone to a few trade shows and have been placing orders for store merchandise... so much fun!!! We are also trying to get local artists interested in consigning. Catsat for Lilo & Stitch's babies. What good boys they were, it's amazing how attached you get to pets even after only a week. Saw lots of friends with lots of babies. "Ran" in TSC's 125th anniversary torch run, heard that Halo Farm might disappear if the WalMart which is slated to replace the Trenton Farmers Market actually appears and is able to sell food.

Lucky just spent 2 days in the hospital as a precaution to make sure that his spanking new ulcer wasn't being bad (Yes, he does look sexy in a hospital gown). During that time, I was running around trying to make sure that he had things to do so he wouldn't get bored, trying to organize for the street fair we had yesterday and almost fainting (introducing a preview of the store), tracking down a shipment that I had been waiting a month for, and not really eating or sleeping that well. So of course what happens... today the "poison ivy" I got the day Lucky went into the hospital was diagnosed as SHINGLES. woo hoo!

Now apparently, you generally don't get shingles again after you've had them once (it's chicken pox that hangs around your system until it gets bored and wants to go out and play), which is a good thing. Because they should hurt like the dickens and don't. I just look like I have some of those horrible pimple mountains on my forehead and ptosis with the left eye, forcing me to wear my glasses.

Not exactly how I wanted to meet all sorts of town residents whom I hadn't seen in 15 years. I was going to look all stunning and what-not (wow look at what happened to her was what I wanted to go for). God bless Lucky who told me that I was so beautiful yesterday. He honestly didn't see all that crap on my face. Ahhh, love.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Protect the rights of indie crafters
Jenny of Sublime Stitching has just discovered that a bigtime manufacturer purchased her embroidery patterns and has been illegally making clothing using them (ignoring the fact that they are copyrighted and her licensing policy is everywhere on her site), selling them to major department stores. Take a look at her site, familiarize yourself with her patterns, and report to her any sightings!

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