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Monday, August 30, 2004
Movies, Movies, Movies

I've been real busy putting the store together but I've still had time to watch some pretty decent movies. Ok so I was disappointed with Guy Pierce's version of "The Time Machine"... no real plot development. Guess I have to watch the 1960 version for that... But "200 Cigarettes" was a nice character-driven story. "Bend It Like Beckham" was cute.

And "Mrs. Miniver" (about an English family living during wartime) which won the 1942 Best Picture Oscar was fantastic! The book and screenplay were both written as WWII was going on and so give an interesting insight (albeit "Hollywoodized") of how the war changed lives of ordinary people. The extras included some propaganda shorts encouraging one to buy war bonds. Lucky and I had the DVD for a few months, fearing that the movie would be dull. So not the case. A definite recommend.

I am so excited that a sequel to a movie that deserves a sequel is being made... Yup, Kevin Smith is doing "The Passion of the Clerks"... And there was much rejoicing. (And yes, he's still doing the animated movie).

And a big Al Pacino-esque WOO-HAH goes to Jersey girl Holly Black who not only is having her Spiderwick series being made into movies but the movie rights to her first novel "Tithe" have been bought by Jim Henson Productions! You go girl.

Friday, August 20, 2004
Generally I stay away from religious issues on this blog but this really bugs me...

To give you some background: I am a lapsed catholic. The process started in second grade when my questions weren't really answered sufficiently by the nuns and priests (and continued... 12 years of catholic schooling allowed for a lot of time to ask questions).

But it wasn't just the teachings that made me stay away from organized religion in general, it was the people. Whenever you get humans involved in something, emotions and behaviors get it all screwed up. And although many religions have some beautiful teachings, many who belong to that religion don't hold true to them. For example, on the bus to NY this week, this lady talked to her bus partner who went to the same church about how involved she was with her children and her church, but then talked about how pompous some of the church board were, how she wished one of the soccer dads from the next town over dead since he was so dispicable. She prefaced this all by saying "This might not be too christian of me to say..." like that phrase would absolve her of her conversation.

Anyways, back to what's ticking me off. You might have heard about the little NJ girl who has celiac and tried to get holy communion. Because she ate a rice wafer (celiacs can't eat wheat because it destroys their digestive systems), the diocese is saying that it doesn't count as her receiving a sacrament. Why? Because a doctrine says that the wafer has to contain some percent of wheat to count (I guess I learned the word transubstantiation for nothing). So although this girl believes in her religion strongly, she is being denied something that will help her become more involved in her religion. And because she sees her playmates going up for communion and she just gets a blessing, she is going to think SHE did something wrong.

I wonder if in the future, should the doctrine not be changed, that her parents can sue for discrimination?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

As you can see, Tillie is doing fine in his not-so-secret, secret location. This picture was taken last month when the bumper car babes joined him.

By the way, the Asbury Park Historical Society is running their ornament design contest again and if you want to try to remove Lucky from his position as reigning artist, check out Asbury Park's website which also has some interesting articles regarding "Insert AP politician under investigation here."

So one would think that not currently involved in a 8-6 work schedule would afford me more time to blog but no... In the past few weeks, I have been continuing to make my mark on the apartment that I now share: hanging shelves, painting doors and furniture, etc.

Lucky also took a week off and we spent it doing things with friends whom we hadn't seen in a while including kayaking at LBI. I ended up with interesting tan lines on my ankles. We also went down to Philly to check out the Franklin Institute and the Rodan Museum, and have an early birthday dinner with Duckie. Trying to be a bit adventurous and didn't make any hotel plans figuring that it wouldn't be a problem. Well, some military convention was going on and it was only by some checking by the frontdesk gal at the second hotel that we were able to get a room. It was a Clarion which isn't really that noteworthy (well it was nice) but what was, was the fact that the attached restaurant was an Elephant & Castle so we were able to have some nice Irish drinkies. We can now say that we have been to all the E&Cs in NJ (ok so there are only 2)...The next morning we went to Longwood Gardens, Bradywine River Museum (which has the artwork of the various generations of Wyeths and many illustration artists), and Chadds Ford Winery. The museum was one of the best galleries I had ever been to: well laid out, informational placards by each painting, and the outside area was gorgeous.

The store is slowly getting together: My mom and I went to our first trade show (the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philia) last weekend and we now officially have an LLC and Tax ID#... WOO HOO!!! Next week we will be going into NY for the International Gift Show and opening a store bank account.

This week was filled with stuff that kicked me out of the apartment. Tuesday, I had lunch with my former company; Wednesday, I spent the day with French Toast Girl and her rugrats; and last night, Baloo and I went into the city to support our favorite band The Hazmats... it's a good thing we drove in since they didn't go on until after midnight and the last train is at 1 am!

This weekend, we will be in Boston for Abina's "Once in a Blue Moon" party.

1. Zach Braff attending the opening of "Garden State" in Maplewood
2. Stitch & Lilo's Bad Movie Night (Flash Gordon, Zoolander, and part of Zardoz... and yes, I own the book, complete with stills of Sean Connery showing off his furry chest in gay gladiator garb). Unfortunately, Lucky is recouping from some weird illness and I was advised by my mom that it would be ill-form for me to go, even if I had permission from said sickie (I also was recouping from shoulder pain; the two of us were quite a pair; he, a pasty gray, I a hunchback with tears in her eyes). But we have been promised a double date for bad movies... hmm I wonder if they've seen John Travolta as Bubble Boy?

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