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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Sometimes the universe seems to send out signals. And the latest one is "Enjoy life to the fullest."

At the concert this weekend, this "mountain man" with bushy white beard, glasses circa 1982geek, red sweatshorts, and hiking boots made the message quite loudly with his dancing. He was easily in his late 60s but had the energy and knees of someone decades younger. You know that saying about "dancing like noone is watching", well that's what he did... dance with the sheer happy-happy of a five year old. While the rest of us just shifted our feet and swayed back and forth in that concertdance the 30-something whitebreaders do. Afterwards, while picking up his backpack, the checker asked if he got to dance. "Sure did, when you get to be my age, you have to make the most of it."

My uncle just told my mom that he too is living in the "now". For the past few years, he's been hiking Germany's version of the Appalachian Trail 3-5 days at a time.

It's been a while since I made a goal list (I used to do it every birthday)... I think I am going to write one up.

Last Friday, we had the most yummy Afghan food at Silk Road in Warren. It was so good (HOW GOOD WAS IT?...) that we were still taking about the gastronomic ecstasy days later. Luckily, Mutti has the decency to have her birthday this week... guess we're going? Just in case you're wondering... cuisine from Afghanistan is like mixing Turkish foods (kabobs) with not-too-spicy Indian ones. The pastry that Lucky had for dessert is similar to a Morrocan Besteeya. Unlike that Afghani restaurant in Morristown, they did not drown everything in rose water.

On Saturday, we spent the morning cleaning our wedding hall... ok, wishful thinking and some positive political vibes and it will be. We were at the Jersey Loews to help with the upkeep and got a great tour from the director Colin. The place is HUGE and it amazes me how beautiful it's becoming again. Of course whether we can have the wedding there depends on who gets to be responsible for the building's lease. So fingers crossed, and I guess I'll continue looking.

Friday, July 16, 2004
The Water Bear!

Sometimes you need to be reminded of the little things that make your life so wonderful. For the past two "game nights" our group hasn't even played games... instead we've TALKED!!! And by that I mean the "in college, at 3:15 am, at Denny's" conversations. We've compared our feet ( I have to say that my size 10.5s were rather gorgeous as opposed to some Hobbits'), discussed politics, what we would do if WE were terrorists, and how can I forget.... the water bear!

Tomorrow we're going to see the two giants of the music industry:Big Head Todd and Great Big Sea. The Spin Doctors are opening for them... I can't believe that their hit was over 10 years ago. Wow.

Right now, I am struggling to balance getting stuff done and relaxing. I'm noticing that writing mini-goals down helps me to focus since thinking of the big goals like organizing the attic, melding my stuff into Lucky's apartment (er, our apartment), finding a wedding place, and oh ya opening up a store just hits me with an overwhelming thunk in my chest. SARK's micromovements are going to be the way to go if I am to accomplish anything.

Fun things I have accomplished: going to the shore with Monica, seeing the bumper babes of the Palace be moved and put next to Tillie in a not-so-secret location, watching horribly saccarine Netflix movies, celebrating Lucky's birthday with some great sangria, the multiple parties including one with a nice but illegal fireworks display, seeing Spiderman 2, attending Gumby's One Hell of a Movie Night (HELLBoy good, Van HELLsing not). Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the Meadowlands' State Fair; it was just a glorified carnival and considering we went on a night that didn't have a concert (Fountains of Wayne played the week before), it was really lame.

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