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Thursday, May 27, 2004

ASBURY PARK -- Demolition of the Palace Amusements building is slated to begin at 7 a.m. today1 with the building's owner, beachfront developer Asbury Partners, deciding it is time to move on.

Larry Fishman, chief operating officer of Asbury Partners, said yesterday afternoon that the initial work will focus on razing portions of the building that do not involve the sections where the painted Tillie clown face and bumper car icons are to be saved.

He said it is too late for an 11th-hour appeal by some residents and preservationists who wanted the 1888 carousel house portion of the larger 1950s complex saved and incorporated into the hotel and conference buildings to be built on the site.

"There's absolutely nothing left to be saved," Fishman said. "It's been studied thoroughly by the city, state and developers. The site is extremely important for the development of a new hotel and recreation area, and I have worked diligently with the (state Department of Environmental Protection) and Save Tillie group. We saved rooms of artifacts from the building that will be incorporated in the new buildings."

Fishman said two adjacent buildings, the adult movie Lyric Theater and Talking Bird restaurant on Cookman Avenue, also will be demolished.

Palace Amusements has been shut down since the late 1980s when former developer Joseph Carabetta bought it from his one-time development partners, Henry and Sebastian Vaccaro.

The building deteriorated over the years. However, a Save Tillie group led by Bob Crane, a Maryland resident and Bruce Springsteen enthusiast, set out several years ago to -- at the very least -- have the Tillie face immortalized in Springsteen memorabilia carved out of the concrete wall and saved.

That movement led to a major effort to save the Palace itself. Asbury Partners, which purchased the beachfront redevelopment rights in 2001, gave the Palace supporters until spring 2003 to find someone willing to pay the developer $2.5 million for the building.

That type of investment was not forthcoming. State environmental officials approved the razing of the Palace. An 11th-hour effort developed to save just the 1888 portion, but the city delivered the demolition permit to Fishman last week.

"This really is an indicator of the intelligence of a community," said Maureen Nevin, host of "Restore Radio" in the city, as she was going to a meeting last night of people hoping to get Fishman to change his mind. "You don't see these types of historic buildings preserved in ghettos. You see them in wealthier, more sophisticated communities."

For updates check SaveTillie.com and the Asbury Park Press

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Help Lucky and me get married...

We are trying to find a reception hall but it's not easy. So, if you happen to know a place that meets most of the criteria below, please mention it in the comments area. Thank you.

1. Can fit approx 150 people and a dance floor (in one room)
2. Indoor ceremony room separate from banquet hall (allowing for a nonreligious ceremony)
3. In NJ
4. Not a "wedding factory" ala Snuffy's (pastel colors, gold staircases, you know what I mean)
5. Character in room... wooden beams, lots of light (not a basketball court or KoC generic box)
6. Allow for outside caterers

Unfortunately, the Elks Lodge in our town was bought and the banquet hall was subdivided. Arggggg... it would have been perfect. @#*(%)$!!

On Saturday, Lucky and I went to see The Wh (the Who without John Entwistle... I'm convinced they used to be The Whom when Keith was kicking). David Johansen without his Buster Pointdexter persona was the opener. And for the past few days, I have had "Funky but Chic" as an earworm... and for some reason, it blends into "Season of the Witch" by Donovan!

Sunday, while Lucky was seeing "The Life of Brian" on its last weekend on the big screen, my mom and I went "sale-ing" in a nearby upscale neighborhood. Good finds... Silver plated platters for $5, lawn furniture for $20...

Monday, May 24, 2004
So it's been over a week that the Blue Jean Ball was held. We probably brought in about a quarter of a million dollars. Yay!!! (No, we didn't win the Bruce guitar).

The food was delicious. The Food Bank's training program did this great thing with parsnips. Yes PARSNIPS! I was amazed and really hope that we will be able to find a reception hall that allows outside catering so that we can use them.

Glacier Vodka made the signature martini "Gold Rush" with Goldwasser (a German licorice clear liquor with gold flecks) and white cranberry juice. It was smooooth.

My pal Fuzzy and a gal taught country dancing during the song breaks. And the Jersey AllStars rocked. (Glen Burtnick was also wandering around). It was tons of fun!

Lots of people liked the decorations. Which made me feel great. (Although one woman complimented me... how beautiful everything was... especially those gold balloons... WTF? Did you not notice the handmade backdrop, the painted dancefloor, the centerpieces that my team worked their asses off on for months). Some people liked the decorations sooo much that they walked out with props we had rented. Hello? You just went to a charity event which raises money to feed hungry children and you are stealing props that we will have to pay for. Yah, those kids didn't need lunch today. grrrrrrrrr.)

Thursday, May 20, 2004
Today is Carb Awareness Day!

I'm thinking of celebrating with some pasta and softserve ice cream.

Lucky and I had been meaning to go to the little Peruvian restaurant only 3 minutes away. And Tuesday, we finally went.

The last time I had Peruvian cuisine was when I went with Baloo to Ms. Subliminal's wedding so it's been a while.

For appetizer I had Papa Ocopa (sliced potatoes with a peanutty dill sauce) and for dinner, I ended up with a chicken fried rice dish (the menu was mostly in Spanish and didn't have many descriptions... kinda like you should know what you're eating, if you're eating in a place like this). Lucky had an empanada (more like a hotpocket than deep fried) and the grilled chicken which was slathered with chopped garlic and had been well marinated. To me, it tasted very similar to Brazilian food.

The atmosphere was like a Peruvian diner... fake carnations in milk glass bud vases, and spanish soap operas on the TV. But heck... for less than $30 we had dinner for 2 nights.

Oh no, there goes Tokyo!!!

Tonight Lucky is meeting a friend in the city to see the re-release of Godzilla... It's in honor of that little cutie's 50th birthday . (I wonder if anyone dared to give him those "over the hill" pills from Spencer's).

It's because of Lucky, that I know that it was originally called "Gojira" and that Raymond Burr's scenes were added on to Americanize the film.

Monday, May 17, 2004
Anna Lee died. I never really knew any of her work done when she was doing movies (Lucky and I have "How Green Was My Valley" at home from Netflix but haven't watched it yet)... I knew her as "Lila Quartermaine" on General Hospital. She was a great actress who really made her character exude warmth and caring.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
The definition of bliss: Eating fish and chips at the Elephant & Castle (just for the halibut) with my fiance whilst watching The Gilmore Girls' episode of a renaissance wedding.

You can't afford to spend $150 on a ticket for the Blue Jean Ball... I understand. So here's something that is a bit cheaper but still fun... The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival at the Jersey Loews. Check here for the schedule. Ray Harryhausen, the living legend of special effects will be speaking on Friday before the showing of "Jason and the Argonauts." "This Island Earth" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" will be shown on Saturday.

Friday, May 07, 2004
It's not looking good for Tillie.

Thursday, May 06, 2004
Fun things that have come through the mail in the past few days:
The Pleased cd with a cute band pin
Victoria Tane necklace (made with vintage beads and new jade... it's the one that kept asking me to take it home)...

Wednesday, May 05, 2004
This weekend, my mom took Lucky and I to the local cuban restaurant where we had mojitos. So yummy, you'd want to live in a giant mojito... and now you can!!!

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