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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Last Saturday, Lucky and I went to the next town over's town garage sale... he got some records, and I bought 3 window frames for a buck each. The next day, Mütti, LittleD and I went to the Flemington Crafts Festival... this guy had taken a window frame, stuck a mirror on the back and slapped a $130 sticker on it. There was nothing else done to it (I've seen it with some cheap silk flowers, maybe some ugly flowers painted on it but no, nothing). I'm thinking easily a $110 profit!!!

The fair was tons of fun, even in the rain and cold-whipping wind. And we came back with tons of things... except for a necklace that I didn't realize I needed until afterwards. I have tracked it down in New Hampshire and it will be coming home soon!


What kind a geek am I? The kind who decides what t-shirt to wear based on the fact that she's wearing glasses today... (see John above left).

You know how you sometimes discover artists who you think are fantastic and then you find out that you lost your chance to ever meet them (like you ever would) since they died years before?

That's what happened to me and Wesley Willis. Armed with a Casio and the beautiful lyrics to songs like "I whupped Batman's Ass" and "Rock n' Roll McDonald's", he was popular enough to have a tribute album made in his honor (he died last year)... To listen to some of his originals, go here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Last night Lucky and I volunteered at Share Our Strength's Taste of the Nation local event. ToN is a night where local fancy restaurants dish out small portions of their noted items for you to graze on. The proceeds go to local food charities... and in this case, the Community FoodBank of NJ.

Lucky and I were stationed with Penn Hongthong, the author of "Simple Laotian Cooking". She was signing her cookbook. Proceeds went to ToN.

We were there to get the uppity people who were used to pasta and steak (otherwise known as people who can pay $75/ticket) to try some cuisine from Laos. It was a dessert with black beans and coconut milk. Rather tasty but most people just were too cautious to even try. Hello, it's called a tasting?!? You can at least taste it.

I guess that didn't really surprise me. I grew up with my mom serving me goulash, chicken curry, perogies, etc. For my sweet 16, we had a small party in the Tatami room of the local Japanese restaurant (that's where you take your shoes off, and sit on cushions on the floor with low tables)... but I know many Americans have not been exposed to different cultures and foods.

What surprised me was how many people didn't know where Laos was! Or as one person said where "Laotia" was... I guess they missed 20th century History class.

Monday, April 26, 2004
Went to check how people were getting to this blog and was surprised to see that "whipped cream at batchelorette party" actually resulted in two listings of this blog on Yahoo... TWO! (and I guess now, 3)

So I just did it... I just purchased Who tickets. This is our award for working our butts off for the Blue Jean Ball (which happens to be the same day my brother graduates, did Drew University not get my memo about not planning anything for May 15th? argggggg)

Monday, April 19, 2004
On Saturday, Lucky and I went to the Roseland to see Melissa Etheridge play. Surprised that it happened to be the night they were taping for her concert DVD (no, you won't be able to see us). A bit weird seeing her stopping so that the makeup gal could blot her sweat. She does a great concert. Although I knew there were going to be a lot of women there, I was amazed at HOW MANY women were there. Or rather, HOW FEW men were there.

I wanted to get a shirt from the tour since it's the "Get Lucky" tour. But none of the shirts matched the promo materials (a 50s style space girl with a ray gun and the words "Get Lucky"). Oh well.

On the way back, we had to wait a hour for our connecting train but we ran into Lucky's old friend and the chit-chat helped the time fly.

And in the everyday adventure report, I did 2 loads of laundry, signed up for CVS and ACME discount cards, and we opened a wedding joint checking account. Sometimes the mundane just feels so good to do. Woo hoo.

Friday, April 16, 2004
Michael Moore's homepage has a pretty dramatic photo of how many U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq.

Lucky's uncle died yesterday of cancer. It seems really surreal since when I saw him last at Christmas, he was so ebullient. Makes you appreciate how precious life, your family and friends are.

Last week, Lucky and I met some friends at the Starland Ballroom to see the Alarm. It was a fantastic show... two local opening bands named after Parkway exits, the touring opening band the Pleased which was good enough for me (the non-musicbuyer in the family) to purchase the cd.

Mike Peters of the Alarm was a charmer on stage and really got the crowd going. A true blast. The Psychadelic Furs closed the show but we didn't watch all of it. With apologies to A-V, their songs sound an awful lot alike and after sending 4+hours standing on a concrete floor, I just couldn't handle it.

Definitely would go to the Starland despite the concrete floor... the sound was mixed well (we were right up front and didn't get earaches), it was clean, well laid out, and decent parking.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Yes, these are some of our engagement photos... No leaning against a tree and smiling for the frenetic photographer... (oh... and budgetwise FANTASTIC!!)

Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm Engaged!!!

Ok technically, Lucky and I are engaged... but read the subtitle of my blog... This is about ME!!!

Many of you are aware of this news already considering that it happened two weeks ago. But for those who don't here's the story (gushfree which wasn't easy, dang I'm a happy goyl)...

i love the jersey loews

Lucky and I went for a date to Jersey City, two Saturdays ago. We first went to the Canton Tea Garden, which was a vision of what Americans thought about Chinese architecture in the 1930s, lots of laquered black and reds (apparently was in the film "To Wong Foo..."). Then we went into the Jersey Loews, an original movie palace complete with gilded ceilings... the viewing room looked more like an opera house. After watching "Some Like It Hot" on the big screen, Lucky and I went up to the mezz level to check it out. It was at the Musicians' Salon (see photo above) that he proposed.

What he said exactly, I don't remember. In my head it went something like, "Snowflake, ummmm... blah blah blah... will you marry me?" (pulling the ring that we had picked out when we had gone to Cape May) from his pocket. To which I answered "Sure" (thanks, FTG for that answer. I figured it worked for you.) Then he said, "blah blah blah sorry did you say yes?" "Yes" I said. And right after that, Marilyn Monroe started singing the movie's theme song over the system...

"I wanna be loved by you... by you and nobody else but you..." I swear... you can't make this stuff up! (and no, it won't be "our" song)

PS: Yes, the ring... It's sterling silver and the stone is a Cape May Diamond in a cathedral setting. It's "priceless" :)

Tuesday, April 06, 2004
I am woman.... hear me roar!

The last night at my old apartment, I sang that Helen Reddy tune to Lucky... less than an hour later, it was playing on the car radio. I mean com'on ... when was the last time you heard Ms. Pete's Dragon on the radio!!! A bit freaky, but I have to say that it kinda strengthen me. : )
I also love the fact that it now is an earworm for Lucky.

Lucky warned me about the Chaos Stage of moving. And I am certainly in it... I have a spring gift swap and I can't find where I put this girl's stuff! ack...

Thursday, April 01, 2004
When one door closes, another opens.


Today, I closed the door to the apartment which has been my home for a decade, never to return. Although I am happy that I will be sharing my life with Lucky now, it does make me sad. In fact, I've been crying quite a bit. Why?

Because this was a "home" to me, not just some place to lay my hat. It was a constant, through 4 boyfriends, 1 roommate, 2 almost roommates, the deaths of my father, dear friend, and favorite cat. A place where I felt safe and cuddled.

This third floor walk-up apartment with its cracking plaster, 14 foot ceilings, dark wood moldings, and art deco chandelier allowed me to cover it with silk flowers, hold Survivor parties and renaissance dinners, and dance on its wax-depleted parquet floors.

I will miss you, my little chateau in the sky.

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