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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
This is just too disgusting for words.

Monday, September 29, 2003

This weekend was much more relaxing than last weekend.

First, there was no wedding. Last Saturday, a beautiful Saturday, a garage-sale laden Saturday, Lucky and I spent 8 hours at a wedding. It started at 2 with a full mass complete with the "Ava Maria" rose thing and then a 45 minute reception line (I guess that's what you get with 325 guests) and didn't end until 11 (we left 10ish).

Second, there was no walkathon. Yep, the following day after I have danced my feet off, Lucky and I walked 4 miles for the National Alliance for Autism Research cause. We made it... but my feet barely did.

So what did we do this weekend?

Well, on Saturday we actually did go to some garage sales. However, because of the dangerous clouds, I think a lot of people didn't have theirs. So we went searching... among our finds were wooden/particle board boxes left at the curb from someone's attempt at making homemade wine, socks, lots of baskets to be used at next year's Blue Jean Ball, a Colonel Sanders plastic bank, and our first piece of furniture.

Yup, that's right... we may not be engaged, have a house, but we now own an apothecary chest. It's about the size of a fireplace mantel and about as deep. It has over 100 small drawers with patina'd metal pulls (kinda like a library cabinet). It was $150 but I offered $125 and Ms "Nice Garage Sale Lady" said yes. Since it was a big big for Lucky's Saturn, Big/LittleD came with the Blazer and took it to my mom's (LittleD picked up some pink flamingoes for $1).

The next day, while Lucky went with the boys to a horror/sci fi collectible convention where he spent a lot of time at the Gorey set up and he bought me a cat! :) While he was doing that, I was busy doing nothing... ok so I tried cleaning a bit but I took it easy. And that night we all went to my mom's for Oktoberfest where she of course went overboard for the 6 of us with bratwurst, fleißwurst, porkchops, egg salad, potato salad, pork schnitzel, greens, red cabbage with apples, spaetzle, mashed potatoes, and probably something that I forgot. The Ds are on a carbfree diet so they had a cheating fest.

Friday, September 26, 2003
All you wanted to know about concrete ships like the one that is wrecked off of Cape May, NJ.

from Bob Crane...

Hi, everyone --

For over five years, Save Tillie‚s fight to preserve the Palace
has been carried on by you and all others who are receiving
this update.

We‚re all preservation amateurs -- self-taught, committed,
and prepared to stand our ground with a no surrender

Last night, we got help.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and
Preservation New Jersey (respectively, the largest and most
influential national and state-wide preservation
organizations) joined the fight to save Asbury Park's
historic buildings in a big way. For the first time ever, it felt
as if Save Tillie wasn't standing in front of the bulldozer all

The public hearing in Asbury Park focused on one key
issue: should the State of New Jersey allow Asbury Park's
"master developer" to proceed with current plans to
develop the waterfront? As you can readily imagine, a large
range of issues came up: housing density, traffic patterns,
garbage collection, beach access for fishermen and surfers,
and more, and yes, at times it got a little off track and a little

The dominant issue of the evening, however, was the fate of
the historic buildings. For more extensive coverage, we
urge you to read Pete Walton‚s excellent coverage at
http://asburypark.net. The Asbury Park Press story can be
accessed at http://www.app.com. In brief:

The National Trust and Preservation New Jersey sent clear,
unmistakable messages that if the State gives developers a
free hand to cut corners, to demolish the Palace and most of
the Casino based on insufficient data and erroneous
justifications, and to avoid other legal responsibilities to the
historic buildings, well, that's just not going to happen
without a huge fight.

By the time the Trust and Preservation NJ finished their
statements, Save Tillie could have remained silent, so
effectively did these organizations make our case. Instead,
we delivered a short oral statement, and will be submitting a
more extensive written statement, which you can preview
on our web site.

We also took some shots at the hearing from the same
people who think "kill Tillie" is a cute phrase. It was
interesting to note that several anti-Palace speakers are
financially linked to the "master developer." None of them,
of course, divulged this conflict of interest.

So what does this all mean?

1. Within 60 days of the hearing, the State of New Jersey
will announce whether or not it will grant to Asbury
Partners its construction permit. The State can approve the
permit as it, approve with conditions, or disapprove.

2. Clearly, based on what we heard last night, approval of
the permit "as is" would trigger significant appeals.

3. You still have time to send written comments, which
must be received no later than Oct. 10. Written comments
will carry as much weight as anything said at the hearing.
You can write to:

Kevin J. Broderick, Bureau Manager
Land Use Regulation Program
N.J. Department of Environmental Protection
501 East State St. 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 439
Trenton, NJ 08625.

Thursday, September 25, 2003
YAY...Mamela is preggers.... with twins!!!

I almost asked her if she was when I saw her in July but decided not to since there were a whole bunch of people around. Apparently Jeruselem will welcome two new babes in early March. Mazel Tov!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Lucky was telling me this weekend why it was ok for Corgeys to have small legs and be according to him "cute" while Munchkin cats are weird. I happen to think both look strange... He thinks that cats have a certain archetype that they should all look pretty close to.

Anyways, I found this site which shows all the different breeds of cats out there. And discovered that Baloo's cat CB (for colorblind since it's grey) might be a Russian Blue. And my dad's favorite cat Leo was probably part Maine Coon (although his mom was a calico).

Monday, September 22, 2003
When one discovers a possible birthday gift that one would like to receive, does one make a subtle hint or believe that their loved one will be able to read their mind and just know?

Friday, September 19, 2003
Finally what you are all waiting for... details of the little trip from the real world that Lucky and I took last week.

Saturday, we went to my brother and SiL's housewarming. It was also a 30th birthday (LittleD) and 1st anniversary (BigD/LittleD) whew... one year already?!?!?!

The next day, I scratched my new skeeto bites and packed. Then we headed off to Belleplain State Forest to camp for a few days. Since it was late Sunday (after Labor Day), the 100plus campgrounds were almost deserted. And the quiet nights out-of-doors freaked the two of us since each creak and crackle was clearly heard. However, we did get to commune with nature.

Tuesday, we headed to the tip of NJ known as Cape May to stay at a cute B&B called The Mooring. The room was nice and airy, and although the bathroom was tiny, the shower was nice and strong! Plus being one block from the beach was a big plus. Since we couldn't check in yet, we checked out the Physick Estate, a Victorian house museum.

The whole week was filled with mornings sunning myself, afternoons going to see the Concrete Ship, climbing the steps to the top of the Cape May Lighthouse, shopping, and of course lots of eating. One night, we even went on a walking tour about the haunted buildings in the area. It was all very relaxing.

On Friday, we headed back up the coast to see if we could get in to see Billy Idol at the Stone Pony but unfortunately it was sold out... so I saw him through the gates for one song and then we took out the putter and golf ball that was in the back of Lucky's car and played some illicit minigolf at the abandoned course across the way (we had a bit of a scare that it had already been destroyed since they're ripping up the boardwalk right by there) and then listened to a blues/rock duo at the Convention Hall's patio whilst looking at the waves crashing over the jetty.

Saturday night, LittleD, Monica, and I went to see Rick Springfield at the Stone Pony (I might as well live there) for Monica's B-day. It was tons of fun. Not really into his music
but he's very interactive and energetic. I actually got to touch him when he was playing on top of one of the bars and transfered the sweat to the other two gals so we could all share in the experience :)

Izzy...We Hardly Knew Ya
Well, the newest Storm of the Century, Hurricane Isabel really didn't do that much damage to NJ. We were about 10 minutes away from the bay watching the Survivor premiere and the air smelled of the ocean. It was a bit windy driving back last night and yes it did rain. But it didn't keep me up like other "regular" storms have.

Rio Red Ginger
Yes, I have redyed my hair. Unfortunately the color that makes me feel like a superhero has been discontinued... I was able to purchase 3 boxes of Natural Instincts #84 but in the future, I don't know what I'm going to do. I feel like Elaine and the Sponge. Apparently the permanent color that matches is something like Scarlet Shimmer. But I don't want to be bothered with dealing with roots. NI washes out so there's never really much of a line.

Bottom Line's Bitter End?
The Bottom Line might be closing because it is behind in rent and NYU who wns the property wants to create more classrooms. It will be sad to see it go... I actually went to school with the co-owner's son who's name I cannot mention (those in the know know why). It's sad that live original music is no longer wanted.

Yes me hearties... It's Talk Life a Pirate Day!!!

By the way... Learn your pirate name
Hugs, Mad Bess Rackham

Thursday, September 18, 2003
Yup... they found out that William Goldman was writing The Princess Bride based on reality... click to see the R.O.U.S.'s!

Spike Lee says that we should be concentrating on the "hard news" in the media instead of the "Bennifer" breakup. Hmmm.... I wonder if he complained about all the coverage he got regarding that farce regarding his first name and a tv network?

Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Ok, so work is going pretty well and therefore I'm busy... so read Michael Moore's blog instead.

Monday, September 15, 2003
We're back from vacation... a blissful one which involved missing the announcements of the deaths of Johnny Cash, John Ritter, Warren Zevon, and Lucky's great-aunt.

Anyways, I will write more about the vacation later. However now is the time to sign a petition...

Thursday, September 04, 2003
So this week has gone pretty quickly... On Friday was Helen's funeral. It made me realize that, like Lucky said, "I don't like funerals." I guess if you are more religious you might get something out of the ceremony, but we definitely got more out of spending the time together with her friends, trading stories, and doing a "lemon drop" shot in her honor.

On Saturday, Baloo joined Lucky and I at Giants Stadium for Bruce Springsteen's 9/10 show. We were to collect money in the boardwalk area beforehand but it rained for about an hour something fierce. They even had to shut the ferris wheel during that time. But once it cleared up, Lucky and I were the first ones to test it. And yes, my fear of heights did surface a bit; however, the view was fantastic (so was the kiss at the top). After collecting $$ for a while more, the three of us took to the ground floor of the stadium, like gladiators entering the arena. The place was packed; the tunes were great (a reporter actually gave this concert a 10 rating, the others were 7-9s); and Lucky danced with me (no, I wasn't drinking; the vibe was so great though!).

The next day, we headed to friends in PA. I got to swim a bit; got bit more than a bit; and had some fantastic eggs on Sunday morning at the traditional sleepover breakfast (yes, I made the eggs).

Anyways, that is it. Lucky and I will be on vacation next week so don't bother looking for any updates.

If you are bored... Click here for a fish tale.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
What we did this weekend... at least a part of it. I will post more later.

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