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Thursday, July 31, 2003
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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Friday, July 25, 2003
Last night, I went to a Bruce Springsteen/E Street concert. But I didn't have a ticket.

I was volunteering for the FoodBank collecting money in a bucket by the escalators when the concert was over. I was supposed to meet someone at Gate B (Giants Stadium) but ended up spending 40 minutes walking around trying to find her... I actually got to peek in for a few seconds and see Bruce 2 inches tall.

For their second encore, he dedicated "My City of Ruin" to the FoodBank and Asbury Park. He urged everyone to support both. So drunken men were stuffing $20s in my bucket, saying if Bruce says it's cool, it must be... I think "Bruce Almighty" had the wrong person in the role, it should have been Springsteen not Carey because half of Jersey already considers him to be God!

Tonight, Lucky and I are going to a co-ed wedding shower which the hostess promises to have no stupid games, tulle, or giggling. Just lots of drinking. Thank god... 'cause showers can be some of the most boring times of my life. Snorefests. "Oooh look sheets... just like the ones I commanded you to buy from my registry."

I generally buy something from the registry and theme around it... for example... the one had a icecream maker. I wrapped it up and added a basket on top filled with traditional toppings, 2 cans of Guinness, and a recipe from Emerille about making Guinness ice cream.

Tomorrow, we're going to Giants Stadium again... hopefully we'll be able to see the concert too. And Sunday, we're celebrating my mom's belated birthday.

Thursday, July 24, 2003
Temptation is here! I will not buy, I have no need for this. None. Whatsoever.

Today I was supposed to go to Game Night... instead, I will be heading to Giants Stadium to collect (ok beg) money for the Community FoodBank of NJ. The Springsteen shows are featuring a "Jersey Boardwalk" and we'll be by the Ferriswheel. (Saturday, Lucky will be joining me).

How could I forgive myself if I didn't mention last Thursday's festivities. Lucky had about 15 of my friends over for The Little One's brief journey back to NJ. (My apartment doesn't have A/C and although I'm fine with it, some people can't handle the heat!). TLO and her hubby are on their way to Israel for a year. He's going to be in 3rd year rabbinical school. As conservative Jews, they keep kosher and because of TLO's kibbutz experience hearing the chickens being killed, she's vegetarian... So I made a veggie lasagna that Tuesday (Unfortunately, the ricotta had mold growing so Lucky schlepped to the supermarket at 11pm to get me another tub... What a sweetie.) and we had birthday icecream cake (complete with plastic dinosaurs) and cherry bread pudding.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Yay... I have now attended a Krispy Kreme Grand Opening.

We went to Brick last night through a tremendous rainstorm (had to even pull over on the Parkway) and then woke up at 4 AM.

There were some Krispy Kreme cars... a PT cruiser, Humvie, and older car decked out in KK colors/logo. A tent was set up for those who actually slept over to be in line. However that was only about 30 people so we were among the first 50 people to get in. We also were two of the few over-21 people there!!!

I was dressed in my moo-cow pj bottoms and had my little lavendar Hello Kitty purse. Looking very succulent I must say

At 5:20 AM they started getting the line going and asked us if anyone wanted to sing any KK chants or songs... Hello... this is the first KK in NJ (how are we supposed to know any?) One kid started a chant... "When I say Krispy you say Kreme... KRISPY... KREME... KRISPY... KREME. When I say Hot you say Donut...HOT... DONUT... HOT... DONUT..."

It didn't get that much of a response but then again it was 530 in the friggin morning... I started singing "Oh Krispy Kreme, Oh Krispy Kreme" to myself (O Tannenbaum) and then "Turn on your hot light" (Manilow) but couldn't get far with the lyrics so I didn't get up there...

When the doors finally opened at 5:30, we were ushered in and given free t-shirts and a free glazed donut. I got 2 dozen for work and a "smooth" coffee... The free donut just slid down almost like hot oozing sugared dough... I could feel the sugar going directly into my bloodstream.

Now that I'm at work I have finished my coffee (eh, DD is definitely better in that department). I also am a bit disappointed in the boston cream version; it's not as good as the DD version.

In general, I think I will stick to Dunkin' Donuts (even though Lucky hates the font and color of the logo. Artists, you can't take them anywhere ) but it was definitely a fun experience...

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Last weekend was a bit calmer... On Friday, we were going to go across the street to see Bruce Almighty (getting the beer/pizza/movie special) but unfortunately, there was an event going on and we got rain tickets. We still ended up getting the pizza from there but instead watched Minority Report. Long movie (Spielberg should not be his own editor) but in the end, good. Lucky had read the short story it was based on and thought that it was used well.

Saturday, whilst Lucky was out kayaking in the day, and seeing the League of Extraordindary Gentlemen at night (eh, he said), I was in the car for a total of 4 hours back and forth from a baby shower for one of his friends. I had decided to get them a stepping stone kit... the one that comes with clear marbles and stickers so that you can add photos underneath them. It's called the family stone kit since you can show the progression of the kids. I thought it was a better idea than getting something that would last 6 months or less... like a onesie or toy rattle. But I don't think they appreciated the care I took to choose something that their child could enjoy for years to come ("look mommy my hand was so small"). Instead, they preferred getting the stuff that was on their registry. Oh well.

Sunday was a late starter. The Wild One (Lucky) didn't get home until 1:30 AM the night before. But we still managed to spend some time at Asbury Park... It was pretty busy but still a controllable crowd. It looks like a new restaurant will be coming soon to across from the Pony. We then quickly went to his parents' to have dinner and pick up Lucky's b-day goodies. Then onto seeing Weird Al with Stitch and Lilo. What fun...

As a weird kawinkydink... a friend of the mommy2b was seated right behind us. Anyways, back to Weird Al. He handled the whole Slim Shady thing very elegantly... showing clips of EmmenEmm saying how he believe in freedom of speech and a singer's rights. Woo AL for President!

Monday, July 21, 2003
This is not true. However, given the pompatic nature of celebrities (especially Lars Ulrich), I wouldn't have been surprised that it was.

Thursday, July 17, 2003
I wrote a poem a gizzilion years ago... the end line was "If the cats should talk, ask them what they did with my Twinkies!?!"...

Well, now I can understand them, thanks to my nifty Meowlingual. (Ok so I really didn't spend the money on that... instead, last night I purchased a digitalcamera for $40 from QVC. My first QVC purchase!)

Celia Cruz died yesterday. And that is sad... She was always such an energetic, bubbly soul who just made you want to bop around whether it was seeing her on Sesame Street or in Pepsi commercials. But that's not why I have a link to the article... it has more to do with the headline that AP put out... that she died in NYC. And then in the body of the article, mention that she, in fact, died in Fort Lee NEW JERSEY... Hello, last time I checked the state of NJ was not a subsidiary of a neighboring state's major city.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Since Spike Lee apparently might have made some bucks off of saying that his name would be ruined by Spike TV... others have followed suit. Hey, why not?!?

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
It was a very busy weekend so let's start with...

Because I was so beat from the 4th of July weekend (I know, get out the small violin), I took a "mental health day." I actually got to wrap some presents, clean, up a bit, get a two hour massage, and then at night ... Lucky, FrenchToastGirl, and I went to a diner (yes, I had the turkeyburger but haven't written it up yet) and then saw Donovan at the Stone Pony. It was an early birthday present for FTG and a chance for her to get out and remember her carefree days. It was soooo much fun. Donovan puts on a great show. At the end, he tossed out musical shakers to the crowd and then invited those people on stage for "Season of the Witch". He still is the Pied Piper even though he's gotten a bit older. The crowd was mixed which was great, young old, it didn't matter. We all sang his songs. And listened to his new ones which were just as good. Afterwards, we walked the nearly abandoned boardwalk, and came across a blues/rock band playing at the Convention Center. We bopped to Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn while peaking around at the old building.

I kicked Lucky out so that I could continue cleaning a bit. At noon, I got my hair cut, keeping the length but getting a bit more style in my stickstraight hair. Then I gots me a manicure/pedicure. Pampered baby is I.

We went into the city to attend JEK's birthday party which was being held at Time Cafe. We took the train in and around the same area that it derailed a few days later, the NorthEast Corridor train was going really fast and was realllly bumpy. Almost feeling like one of the wheels had lifted. hmmmm.

Anyways, we got there early since we didn't really know how close any of the subway lines would be to this place. Since noone was there yet, we went windowshopping and at 8 (which is when the reservations were for) we came back... and noone was there. In fact, except for one other person who was "five minutes late"... no one came until EIGHT THIRTY!!!! Including JEK who made the reservations. Unfortunately, the restaurant turns into a club at 10 and so we had to rush through eating and didn't really get to spend any time actually talking. I guess the rest of the group that gathered (around 20-5 people) didn't worry about the extreme lateness since they were going to hang out later at a club. But puleeze... many places pull the reservation if you are 10 minutes late. I think JEK should count himself lucky (umm, you know what I mean).

One of my bestest friends Jewel got hitched to her hunny. Since it was a Jewish ceremony (only the second I had seen), it was tear-free... I didn't know when exactly they were married and so didn't really get when I was supposed to cry :)

Filled with mostly family, the reception was still fun for Lucky and me. The band was wonderful and the place was very elegant. Jewel and her now huBBy were very relaxed... although I have to admit that it will take a long time for me to get over the shock of her actually wearing a DRESS... I've only seen her do that once in the 9 years I've known her. btw... I almost caught the bouquet but some desparate woman grabbed it. Oh well... maybe at the next wedding, hon. I'm sorry I disappointed you.

After the luncheon, Lucky and I took a nap (hey, we're no longer 21 and can't be out all hours of the day) and then returned to hang out with the newly-weds at their hotel.

Although the day was almost over, I made Lucky open up his gifts... they included a signed photo of Francine Reed and a gnome that he can paint. Yup, my boy is now 33.

Happy Birthday

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Last night we went to pick up tickets for the Donovan show tomorrow at the Stone Pony and got to see Soozie Tyrell perform at an instore concert at the record store. Not bad. Kinda folksy/country. Right up Lucky's alley. Which is why he bought the album and had it signed. Even got to chat with Soozie for a bit. Afterwards, we saw the Songwriters Hall of Fame show on Bravo. Wow... Van Morrison really has turned into something else. He kinda looks like that bulbous nosed detective on PBS!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
I want this for my birthday. Ok, I admit... not the most subtle of hints.

This past weekend was very tiring. On Thursday night, Lucky and I went to see my brother's new house. The next day, we went to a BBQ in So. Jersey. Since the couple is Italian, and they speak to their relations... almost 100 people were there! The next day, we went upstate to another party (the third housewarming of the weekend) and discovered that what $450K can buy there as opposed to So. Jersey. Dang, they are right location, location, location. The No. Jersey house could fit into the other one!

After 2 hours there, we drove another 2 hours until we got to the Poconos. It was interesting since the people we thought would be there weren't. They were mainly the wife's friends who we never met. But hey it worked out. And I got to go swimming!

Unfortunately, I am still very beat from it all and it's already Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
So the whole Spike vs Spike thing has been settled. Shelton Jackson Lee and Viacom have come to a settlement. Hmmm... and this after the judge ruled that Spike Guy post $2.5 million bond in case it was ruled frivolous. According to the article..."While the case was pending, Lee was in Los Angeles filming "Sucker-Free City" for Showtime, a cable network owned by Viacom. "

Thursday, July 03, 2003

hey before I go and have fun this long weekend... wanted to let you know that not only did we raise $110 from our garage sale this weekend (it was townwide), Lucky and I caught a big screen showing of Monsters, Inc. at the town's football field. We went out with some friends to the shore for seafood (no crablegs at the seasfood restaurant, I was shocked) and minigolf. And best of all... LittleD flowbeed Lucky's hair! Doesn't look bad at all.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Click here for your story of the day.

You know how when you know how a person is apt to perform but you always hope for more... getting rejected everytime? Well, today at work I had to park in a metered spot in front of the building since all the permit spots were taken. My boss has a bowl of quarters in the front room for when this happens. Well, my coworker who takes smoking breaks every hour on the hour (well technically 20 minutes past) comes in and walks all the way back to his room and informs me that my meter was up. Not like he could have just taken a "free" quarter and done me a favor. Oh no, this is beyond him. Some people are so dense, it amazes me.

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