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Monday, June 30, 2003
Considering that I didn't mention what happened last weekend, let's start there.

Last Friday night and Saturday morning... I ran around to various gardening supply stores to find nasturtium because they are the official 40th anniversary flower (I guess because they are ruby). Lucky's parents were celebrating their anniversary and I wanted to get them something nice since I wasn't going to be at their dinner. But apparently... those flowers aren't available in the stores that were open (many were closed because of the rain) so I ended up making a nice bouquet of various flowers and adding some perennial seeds with a note "may your love continue to blossom."

Saturday afternoon and night... was spent at a friend's batchelorette party. The first part was at her sister's house where we noshed at stuff and got our requisite T-shirts. We then boarded a yellow school bus and headed to the Arts Center for some tailgating before the James Taylor concert started. Lots of drinking was to be had. And I had more jello shots than I can remember. We all drank from penis straws. The alcohol was kept cold on penis ice cubes. And someone made the most realistic porn cake (down to veins and umm.... a pearl necklace). And how could I have forgotten the penis pasta salad?!? God forbid that the men be allowed to do something similar at their b-party. They would be sexist!

The rain was coming down hard at times but it was the wind that was the worst. We would have to grab the tents to make sure they wouldn't topple. Halfway through the tailgate, we found out that CG's sister had gone into labor again (27 weeks in process). The decision was made to get her drunk so she wouldn't figure out that the reason why her sister (and MoH) wasn't answering the phone was because she was giving birth. And so that's what I dealt with the next 3 hours in the mud (of course we had lawn seats. But luckily it wasn't raining anymore). On the way home, we found out that BabyMo had been born. Which leads into...

Sunday... when Lucky and I went to So. Jersey to a BBQ (weather was cloudy with an occasional spritz). This was hosted by a couple who was expecting their baby around the same time that Mr. Overachiever Baby Mo was supposed to, so I couldn't really share my story with anyone there. Good thing about that BBQ was that of all the people there... Lucky and I were the closest to what we looked like in college. Now there's a self-esteem booster!

Katharine Hepburn died yesterday at the age of 96. I have to say when it came to "The Battle of the Hepburns"... I liked Audrey more. I wanted to be like her, demure and graceful, wearing flouncy or beatnik clothing. But, personality wise, I'm more of a Katharine. Feminine in a brassy sort of way. Honest in her opinions and not depending on the kindness of others (role wise).

Jersey Boy Promotes State Internationally

Yup, that's right Mr. Teaneck, DMX was arrested for using profanity at his concert. He had been f@#$'n warned that he would be if he used such language. But proud of his upbringing, he showed how Jerseyans respect the laws of other countries. DMX has also done public service announcements for the Humane Society (ok that has nothing to do with the fact that he was told to do it or go to jail, nah...)

Friday, June 27, 2003
1. How are you planning to spend the summer? Working. I also have several events to go to... including a wedding, a couple pool parties, and seeing Weird Al and Donovan.

2. What was your first summer job? My mom believed that being a student was a job so I never had a summer job... However, during breaks in college I did volunteer teaching ESL one on one. I also did some stringing at the local papers.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer, where would you go? Away for 3 weeks of nothing

4. What was your worst vacation ever? One summer we went to the beach for a week, and my cat got run over at home.

5. What was your best vacation ever? Going to Ghana.

Controversy in NJ that's been getting NATIONAL COVERAGE (yup, I saw this on CNBC and CNN)... seems Jim Morrison (the alive-and-well state Senate hopeful for Sussex County) has been requested by the county party chairman to bow out of the general election because it would cause the Democratic Party embarassment. See, Jimmy Boy posed nude for a photo contest (and won) a few years back and that is considered more important than losing a party seat in the state Senate.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that the chair Charles Cart's company is using the Republican incumbent's wife as a consultant!

From the Star Ledger article... "Morrison said it strikes him as strange that some Democrats 'would rather have Bob Littell (the incumbent) in office than' a qualified Democrat. He wondered why the photograph contest can be construed as an issue when President Bush previously was convicted of drunken driving.

Cart said there is no comparison. 'There's really a big difference between somebody who's drinking and the type of contest he entered.' "

Well duh... posing nude never KILLED ANYBODY!!!!

Although I have no intention of seeing CA2 (the first one was not funny, and considering that the reviews on this one are worser... I'm passing)... I'm excited to see that the trailers are using AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" Rock on, my little Aussies. Rock on.

Thursday, June 26, 2003
BTW... just thought I'd share that I hate the new version of Blogger. There are various reasons why... and if Blogger bothered to ask, I would have let them know what I didn't like... But just like the big muckedymucks at TSC who changed the name of an established school to something inane... Blogger wouldn't listen anyways. (This here's a challenge, Mr. BloggerMan)

Arggg.... yesterday I tried working out. Ok, so I went country line dancing. But I could only do 5 dances because my ankle started swelling up like a goiter and the top of my foot was making this painful cracking noise. Not good. WAHHHHHHH. I don't do a good "sick person" thing. That I actually stopped was a very big step for me. 'Cause generally I would have worked through that pain, baby!


I normally don't talk about work but I had to share this. I spoke with a member of the Survivor family! Yup, from season 2 in Australia... it's Keith the Chef. His new cookbook was just released and this week he was on CBS Early Morning. And yesterday, I talked with him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003
I'm addicted to UPN's new reality show "America's Next Top Model". What seems to be the most interesting is the way that religion is playing a part of these girls' careers and relationships. If I could vote I'd vote for Elyse. Now, yes at 5'10 and 115lb she's a bit skinny. But damn, she's got this intelligence and wit that is fantastic!

Friday, June 20, 2003

My eyes are green. With envy. One of the gals on the MB I belong to is buying a house in Peoria, IL. For how much? $24,000! Yup. $24,000. This was not a one-time thing... This house for $39,900 (2 br, 1b, 1,040 sq foot with hardwood floors and attic space)

That's less than the retail price of a SAAB 9-3 Convertible!


1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short? Straight. Currently touching the shoulders since I'm trying to see how long it can get before it loses its body.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime? Well, I was very blonde. Then blonde. Then red. Plum. Red. Strawberry Blonde. Blonde. Blonde with Pink. Red. It's been long, short, with fringe and without, and what was I thinking...permed.

3. How do your normally wear your hair? I comb my hair. Stick a curler in the front. Set the car's heater on high. Go to work. Undo curler. Done.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like? Like Leelo from Fifth Element.

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened? I used a blue temp dye crayon on a strand of blonde hair. And it took a month to get out.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Yes, I have tried again to colour my hair. This time, I got better results as it looks faker than before (similar to the color above except with more purple-red). I went for the name of the hair color I first used over a decade ago. However, instead of Loving Care, I used Loreal ColorSpa's interpretation. It's amazing what a bit of color will do to a person, especially when the weather is as crappy as it is. It makes me feel like a super hero.

By now, you must know that I am guilty of liking a certain band a bit (I don't consider myself a groupie, but I have gone to their concerts 5 times now). Well, the Bacon Brothers will be releasing THE BACON BROTHERS LIVE CONCERT CD and DVD in stores 10/21/03!  There's a possibility that Lucky and I will be seen on the DVD since we went to the concert that was taped.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Woo hoo. Another dreary rainy day. And it's supposed to stay that way for the next few days. Yup, perfect weather for James Taylor lawn seats on Saturday. And the BBQ on Sunday.

Speaking of weekends, this last one kinda lame (but way needed). On Friday, I celebrated my last day of white flour by going to a Olive Garden-esque food chain. The pasta sucked... not only was it overcooked but there were about 20 strands of pasta stuck together since the pot wasn't stirred enough. On the bright side, the sangria was good and we ended up going to Baskin Robbins for a cone of Oreo® X-MINT ( Dark chocolate ice cream infused with chunky Oreo® cookies and swirl of Blue Mint ice cream). YUMMMMMMMMMMMY!!! On Saturday, we tried going to a craft fair which has been cancelled because of the expected bad weather. But it was rather nice (unlike the raindate which is this Sat!). Lucky, picked up his autographed copy of New Jersey Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff and we had some soup that I whipped up. Since Sunday was Father's Day, Lucky and his bro took his dad out to a diner and then car show (UPDATE: actually a historical museum. Car show was last year.),... and I got to get some more chores done. It's sad when doing chores is exciting but considering I don't have the time to do them often, they might as well be well received by me.

Ohhh... and on Monday, I got to visit with Princess Cinnabunny and her loyal servants. She's gotten so big and giggles up rainbows. She's "it's all about me" and loves attention. Hmmm... like someone I know? (Yes, I know that we're not technically related but still...)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Here's a opinion column written regarding the Spike TV issue.

Monday, June 16, 2003
Get a life, Spike Lee
Apparently he's trying to prevent TNN from changing its name to Spike TV. Now I won't even go into the fact that that's a stupid name for a cable network. Because I'm sure that they did a lot of research on that.

However, Spike Man is saying that Spike TV is trying to profit off his image. Hmmm.... ok he must be the only person with that name...so Spike Jones doesn't exist, neither does Spike Jonze, or that blonde guy on Buffy, or at least three guys at a Hell's Angels gathering.

This is a network that is going for the white male in his 20-30s... by having a cartoon bimbo voiced by Pam Anderson, Star Trek reruns, and 'rasslin'... I'm sorry Spike Man but I'm not seeing that network showing "Get on the Bus" any time soon.

Friday, June 13, 2003

1. What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but never have? Learn to ride a motorcycle.

2. When someone asks your opinion about a new haircut/outfit/etc, are you always honest?Of course there are occasions that you can't, but generally yes even if it might not be well-received.

3. Have you ever found out something about a friend and then wished you hadn't? What happened? Yes. Nothing.

4. If you could live in any fictional world (from a book/movie/game/etc.) which would it be and why?I think it's Asimov's world Gaia that I'm thinking of where the people are a part of the environment. A collective whole. It's a nice thought.

5. What's one talent/skill you don't have but always wanted? Singing well.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Today Gregory Peck died at the age of 87. He was one of those "Age of Hollywood" type guys. The ones who always looked confident even when they were playing sensitive roles. I have to say that I always had a crush on the man, even when he was in his 80s. He just oozed sex appeal (sorry Lucky, but you know how I feel).

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
What is the music world coming to? Are people incapable of coming up with new hooks? Ok, so there are alot of covers out now but when it comes to originals, why is it necessary to sample "Pachelbel's Canon" or use the chorus of a Def Leppard or Bruce Hornsby song? That's right, Mr. Range's "Way It Is" is now the hook on an R&B song played on Z100. I wonder if he'll show up in the video ala Aerosmith...

Granted I can't sing but this is a nice thing to do if I could.

I was on the phone last night chatting with Duckie (the power was out in Haddonfield and he was killing time by chatting up friends) when on the muted TV, I spot a bar by me on the news. Turns out that the Blue Collar Inn was the headquarters for a gambling/loanshark operation run by THE Genovese family (not Peter's family!). If you notice the towns that the guys arrested were from, not one was from anywhere near this bar. They commuted just like us normal folks! A friend of mine had gone in years ago and told me that it was the kind of place that when you entered, they stared at you like you didn't belong. He figured it was 'cause he was a preppie college kid. He figured wrong!

What saddens me is that I wish I had known about this earlier. Apparently they had a nice-sized Italian menu. Lucky and I could have gone on a date there...

Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.

This weekend was a blend of ick and awe. Friday and Saturday it was dreary yet again. An occasional drizzle joined the constant mist. I tried recouping from my injured foot and cold but I think I used all my strength to actually do work at my job. On Saturday, we tried to meet Peter Genovese at the town bookstore. But unfortunately, he couldn't make it to the signing since he had a prior Star Ledger commitment.
That little trip zonked me out for a bit but I managed to get enough strength so that we could go to a birthday party. Rather proud that I was able to kep it together for a few hours. Found out that my friend was still in the hospital, delaying her giving birth and so far it seems ok.

The next day, Lucky and I went with BigD/LittleD, Lilo/Stitch to the Belmar Seafood Festival. We overdosed on seafood: whole lobsters for $10, calamari, peel and eat shrimp, softshell crab sandwiches, lobstercake, crablegs, etc. and then went to the NJ Wines tent for some tastings. I bought a case of Shamong Red byValenzano, some Country Blush, Sangria, and American Riesling from Cream Ridge and a bottle of Under the Arbor (my discovery of the day) from Bellview. Now I HAVE to finish the wines I bought last year. I need to start cooking again so that I can create some foodie fantasies.

After the Ds, Lucky and I visited briefly with Lucky's parents, we went to Pt. Pleasant to recreate BigD and my childhood memories, complete with Kohr's custard Yummy!

Although it turned out to be a great weekend (I managed to even get a bit sunburnt on my shoulders where I missed placing sunscreen), it really wiped me out... thank god for my monthly massage. Aminah did a wonderful job. If I were rich as Donald Trump, heck even if I only had Jenny on the Block $$$, I would have a massage therapist on call 24/7.

I make myself this promise... Tonight, I'm opening a bottle of wine and finishing up the lobster bisque.

Monday, June 09, 2003
New Jersey
Wine Month!

Check the Garden State Wine Growers Association website for events and other info.

Friday, June 06, 2003
Apparently this is considered to be the ultimate country song. I personally never cared for it and never understood why so many people did. Am I a feminist when I don't like a song that encourages you to forgive your guy for being a jerk because that's what guys do? Lyle Lovett put out a version of the song and Lucky says that it was considered to be anti-female. Does it take a person of the opposite gender to sing this song for people to realize its stupidity?

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman
Giving all your love to just one man
You'll have bad times
And he'll have good times
Doing things that you don't understand
But if you love him you'll forgive him
Even though he's hard to understand
And if you love him
Oh be proud of him
'Cause after all he's just a man
Stand by your man
Give him two arms to cling to
And something warm to come to
When nights are cold and lonely
Stand by your man
And tell the world you love him
Keep giving all the love you can
Stand by your man
Stand by your man
And show the world you love him
Keep giving all the love you can
Stand by your man

(I'm figuring that these are involving romantic type of love...)

1. How many times have you truly been in love? Twice.

2. What is so great about the person you love(d) the most? His love in return, which is for the person I am... none of this Jerry Maguire crap .

3. What qualities should a significant other have? It depends on the person. I actually wrote a list years back about what I needed in a relationship. It helped me stay on track, and lo & behold... Lucky came back into my life.

4. Have you ever broken someone's heart? Apparently yes. But I didn't know that was a possibility until I ended the relationship.

5. If there was one thing you could teach people about love, what would it be? It should not make you change yourself into someone you don't want to be. Ther's a difference between love and control.

Thursday, June 05, 2003
Prayers and good thoughts go out to my friend Jen who is only in her 25th week. Her water broke and hopefully they will be able to postpone the pregnancy for a few weeks so the kid has a chance.


(From the Onion)Friend Gearing Up To Hate The Hulk
EL PASO, TX—For the past three weeks, comic-book aficionado Derek Linden, 23, has been gearing up to hate Universal Pictures' The Hulk, which opens June 13. "Maybe it'll be good, but I'm bracing for the worst," Linden told friend Paul Comello Monday. "The CGI makes him look like Shrek. And even though The Hulk has the ability to leap long distances, in the trailer it looks like he's flying, which he can't do. And I won't even get into how, in the Hulk origin story, he was gray, not green." Linden said he also has "grave doubts" about Jennifer Connelly's ability to convincingly portray Betty Ross.

From my understanding this movie (directed from Mr Crouching Tiger) doesn't even show "The Hulk" side until one hour into the movie. This is probably a good thing since he looks SOOOOO unrealistic (and yes, I know he's based on fantasy...). I have a feeling this flick is not going to have much staying power. But maybe just slightly more than that Justin and Kellie movie!

How is this for a kicker... both the Devils and the Nets (can you believe that the Nets are that good now, must be the new uniforms finally working) are in the finals and I'm dating someone who has absolutely NO interest in sports. I used to watch this stuff and pay attention to stats to impress guys but my knowledge is all for naught now.

TRIVIA: My Girl Scout troop did the halftime show with Dunken the Nets mascot sometime in the 80s. We were supposed to stomp on the Golden State Warriors pennants; I didn't want to since I had a crush on Chris Mullin from the 84 Olympics.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003
So here it is... my weekend summed up thusly.

On Friday, Lucky and I made it up to the Boston area and after some confusing maps and street signage we managed to find the Boston Common and parking (turned out to be $28 for the few hours we were there... if you can take mass trans do it!). We ventured out on the rather niceweathered day and did the freedom Trail up to where we'd have to cross over to go to Bunker Hill. The guide at Fanuil Hall was rather informative and Paul Revere's house was interesting to see as well (considering that it was already 90 years old when he lived in it). That night, we again traversed the Bostonian roads with bad signage and showed up at our appointed stay, Abina's. Abina (Ghanian for "born on a Thursday") took us to a vegan Chinese restaurant called "Grasshoppers" The food was good although the fake squid looked more like an albino tire tread and tastes a bit like one too.

Saturday, the weather was a bit gloomier. We walked to Doyle's (an old Irish pub & grub place in Jamaica Plain) to get brunch. Abina said it was close (that's because she walk more in one day than I do in 2 months)... Then we tracked down some garage sales and got the T. After spending some time shopping, I decided that my nose was a bit stuffy and decided to look for a tissue in my new Hello Kitty pocketbook... and put my foot down in a 4 inch deep pothole right in the middle of the sidewalk in front of Tower Records, Cambridge. I twisted my leg and fell, breaking a nail as well.

Luckily it was not THAT painful, but it was bad enough that we decided to call it a day. especially since the rain was coming more frequently. For dinner, we had Thai food in J.P. (Ban Chiang House) It was scrumptious. And I overdosed on coconut milk (It was vacation, I hurt myself, I just had walked a gizillion miles before hurting my foot... the calories didn't exist!). The Milky Way was next since Lucky had never been candlepin bowling before (like skeeball bowling with a bocce-sized ball). I didn't do as well as I normally do when I go there but again, I was Ms Gimpy.

The next day, we went out to a great breakfast place that's across the street from the Milky Way which serves up some of the most delicious and different breakfast foods out there... I had raspberry banana nut bread french toast topped with whipped cream, strawberries and kiwi. WOW! Tastebud explosion! Baloo had been in the area visiting other friends and joined us for breakfast. Then he and Abina planned their upcoming 3 week camping odessey.

Lucky and I left and briefly saw JC in Brookline (I can now tell her mother that she lives in a safe area). And headed home with a heating pad on my foot.

I found out on Monday that the foot not broken which I figured since it doesn't hurt much. It's just swollen enough to make me limp and look like one ankle is from the old maid church pianist. Now I just got an icky cod dat dy hob goes away dune.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

1. What do you most want to be remembered for? My friendships

2. What quotation best fits your outlook on life?"Always look on the bright side of life." -Eric Idle

3. What single achievement are you most proud of in the past year? Helping with the success of the Community FoodBank of NJ's Blue Jean Ball Fundraiser.

4. What about the past ten years? Having the strength to leave a damaging relationship.

5. If you were asked to give a child a single piece of advice to guide them through life, what would you say? Life would be boring if everything went as planned.

Thursday is National Hunger Awareness Day

One in four people in a soup kitchen line is a child, and each year 9 million kids look to America's soup kitchens, food pantries and shelters for food. Childhood hunger grows even more serious during the summer, when millions of children don't have access to the school lunches they normally depend upon. On June 5th, communities across the country will gather to focus the nation's attention on the problem of domestic hunger and its impact on children by participating in National Hunger Awareness Day, sponsored by America's Second Harvest.

Monday, June 02, 2003

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