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Friday, February 28, 2003
I can finally blog the news that I have known since 2 hours after her appearance into this snowy world... Miss Cinnabunny was born on Feb 26. Family is doing great and she already is an overachiever (9/10 APGAR and black hair)

So the pledge of allegiance still is considered unconstitutional and has the chance of being editted back to its original form. Good for the federal appeals court. Shame on GWB for even trying to fight this... gawd, I guess that quiz was right... I am an ultra liberal (who right now is having a craving for a turkeyburger experience and some 'tiqueing)

A bit of Jersey road rage here... Gov. McGreevey sees fit to cut the funding to several arts programs and yet $70,000 was approved by the NJ Highway Authority to reinstall a "pigeon deterrent system" at the NJ Parkway's toll booths. That's just great.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

You are Ani Difranco!

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Mother Theresa and Ani Difranco ...hmmm.

How Republican Are You?

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This morning I put on a cardigan. I usually don't wear those things but it seemed right... Then I heard at work that Mr. Rogers died and it all made sense. I had never spoken to Fred Rogers; the closest I ever got was David Newell, his pr guy. It wasn't until after talking to him for a few times and saying to myself "Hey his voice sounds strangely familiar" that I realized I had been speaking to "Mr McFeeley."

Mr. Rogers was the babysitter of my generation and he will be missed.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
I have stopped eating Nutrisystem dinners... I have decided it's more important for me to clean out my freezer and get rid of foods that have been in there for over a year... considering that NS meals last that long without refrigeration, I figure that they can last until my freezer is frostfree and as sparsely filled as Lucky's.

Tonight I'm going dancing at the place I usually go but haven't in a while since I've been sick. Yes, it is a countrywestern bar and yes, country music is played and yes, I still hate country music. But dancing at a place that is well lit and clean and has $1 Ladies Night admission is more important than the type of music played.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
I used to protest back in the day... environmental wrongs, nuclear power, etc. Now, I see protesters and I see people with too much time on their hands. Those who seem to be trying to right the wrongs the wrong way... Yes, maybe if everyone did something little then something big can be accomplished... but if a few people have the majority of the power, they are the ones in charge. And we are going to war because a little boy wants to prove himself to his daddy.

Monday, February 24, 2003
I watched the grammys last night with Lucky. Norah Jones is so overrated; it seems like they felt they had to encourage her just so that the Britneys of the world will stop. Did they have to give all those awards to Ravi's daughter? I think she deserved them as much as Santana deserved all of them a few years back. HIGHLIGHTS: The homage to Joe Strummer and the bottle of Asti Spumanti that we finished off.

Friday, February 21, 2003
So you want to see how much snow hit the Jersey area... Let Harry the Snowman show you.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Woo Hoo!

Last night, Lucky and I attended The Bacon Brothers' concert that they filmed for a concert DVD (June 2003 release). It was a lot of fun as per usual (this is the fifth time I've seen them perform since 1998) and it was kinda funny to see Michael B. with more gel in his hair than his brother this time around. Of course, they did not perform "K-9 Love" or "Arm Wrestlin' Woman" (two of my faves) but they did perform "Memorize" which is one of the few songs that make me remember the effects of 9/11 (although it was on their first album years before), and "Old Guitars" which always reminds me of the rainy hiking trip Lucky, Jewel and I took years ago plus some stuff they hadn't recorded before. They added some keyboards and two backup gals (one is married to Paul the bassist with the funky shoes). It was nice to see how far the boys had developed as a band over the years.

Look out for the waif-like diva in the turquoise top dancing to "Footloose" when you buy the DVD (Thank you to Lucky who encouraged me to get up there 'cause he knows me so well)

Thursday, February 13, 2003
I guess retailers are trying to make up for the losses that this holiday season dealt them. But man... are they trying the hard sell or what!?! Each year, it gets worse. This Hallmark holiday is actually becoming more important than Christmas in some people's eyes. According to the National Retail Federation a woman spends $38 on a gift for her partner on V-D; the man ... $126! That's a lot of chocolate...

I have a different spin on Valentine's Day. I usually send money to one of my favorite charities and thank my friends for being there for me.

But hey, I'm still romantic... I'm excited for tomorrow (no pressure hon)... following the tradition he unknowingly started last year, Lucky is going to be making me dinner and I don't think it's going to be of ingredients worth over $100. If it is, I'm going to have to give him a "watfer. "

Tonight is Dr. John in Red Bank. Git out yer beads....MARDI GRAS IS ON!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Kissing the Right Way May Start in the Womb
Feb 12 2003 2:36PM
LONDON (Reuters) - How people kiss, with a preference to turn the head either to the right or left, is a trait that is developed in the womb but probably lasts throughout life, a German psychologist said Wednesday.

Although they may not realize it, people turn to the same side before planting a kiss on the lips and twice as many people turn to the right.

"There could be one very early habit given to humans before birth which still influences our behavior for the rest of our life and is visible in subtle habits during, for example, kissing," said Onur Gunturkun of Ruhr University in Bochum Germany.

The preference for turning the head to the right is one of the earliest examples of behavioral asymmetry and scientists suspect it influences sidedness, such as favoring the right foot, ear, eye, or kissing side, for life.

To test the theory, Gunturkun secretly observed 124 kisses of couples in international airports in the United States, Germany and Turkey.

He found a ratio of about 2-1 turned their heads to the right.

Gunturkun said the results of the study, which are reported in the science journal Nature, indicate that adults have a head-turning bias toward the right side, just like embryos and newborns.

"The preference to turn the head to their right...prevails through their whole life so it could be the key agent to induce all other asymmetries our brain has," he said in an interview.

Auguste Rodin's famous sculpture "The Kiss" seems to support Gunturkun's finding as the couple are both turning their heads to the right.

I guess people will need to add "Which way does your head turn?" when you are posting on Match.com


I thought that I had the perfect gift for the arrival of Chocolate Chip Boy and FrenchToastGirl's
spawn... a star named after the little one. I'm thinking "How neat would that be? Looking up in the sky and your dad points out a star and says that one is named after you..." So I do a find for "name a star" since I didn't remember the name of the organization that did this (a coworker had done it for a anniversary present for her parents) and more than one organization comes up. It doesn't take me long to figure out "Hey, there should be a central place where these stars are named or chaos would rule" so I found this link which sadly informs me that the average person does not have the power to name the stars. And that these places are just taking your money and laughing. grrrr. That just makes me mad. The astronomers who set up the info site bring up the question of what should they tell the parent who named a star after their dead child? The truth that someone suckerpunched them when they were down and took their $$ or show them where the star is (which probably has been renamed thousands of times)?

Friday, February 07, 2003
Am I going to discuss the fabulous Brazilian food we had last night to prep ourselves for Survivor: Amazon? Err... no.

Unfortunately, I have found out that Howard Stern's rest stop ... the one he earned by helping Christine Todd Whitman into the governorship of NJ leading to her entry into the White House Cabinet is being closed. Now granted they are saving $1 million doing this but I think that it's a sneaky way for a Democrat to erase the Republican past of the state (and yes I did vote for Mr. Mac)

Tuesday, February 04, 2003
For a reason to laugh, go here. I have to admit that I found this through Dave Barry's blog because I still have remnants of Catholic guilt around that can conquer my mind if I don't show credit to those due it.

I know... you really wanted to read those Harry Potter boks but were holding off because several Christian and Catholic groups were saying that they were filled with devilish thoughts... well now you can! According to the Vatican has okayed it saying that they were embued with Christian morals.

Monday, February 03, 2003
No, I am not going to comment upon the shuttle accident or the 6th anniversary of my father's death. There's been too many morts on my blog of late. So to happier news...

The family of five (my mom, bro, sis-in-law, lucky and of course me!) went to the local Chinese restaurant for the celebration and ordered from the non-Anglo menu a traditional CNY feast complete with duck wraps, spicy prawns (with their heads on), a whole fish (again with the head...apparently having things complete brings good fortune), bean curd, soup, the food just kept coming... even my brother was full. The waiter who was from Shanghai was very proud of his culture and considering that we were the only non-Chinese in the place taught us the best he could... (he barely spoke English and we only know the Chinese that's from the fortune cookies). It was a great experience (one which my mom and I have been trying to do for almost 20 years!)

By the way, it is considered to be The Year of the Black Sheep (or goat... it's the same word) 4701

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