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Tuesday, December 31, 2002
Noone in the office is looking forward to New Year's Eve 'cept me. Last year, I had someone who wanted to kiss me at midnight but didn't. This year, he better! (Granted, I had chickened out too... even booze didn't help)

I won't be organizing a walk into the Atlantic Ocean again (no, it wasn't a swim... it was so friggin' cold that on the bay side across the street last year, birds were floating on ice blocks!) But Lucky and I may take a walk by the shore with the Littoral Society...only if we wake up in time.

Before we go to JonJon's, I have to quickly make a green bean casserole and pack for the sleepover tonight. Ack!

RESOLUTIONS FOR 2003: Make and keep my apartment organized. Say "NO" to some invitations and do nothing at least one weekend a month.

Monday, December 30, 2002
How does one know that your loved one really loves you?

When he buys you a mitre box and saw for Christmas!
I think Lucky's parents must have thought I was nuts when I launched into hug-mode when I ripped off the wrapping paper and saw (haha) what he got me...
And yes, he did give me more traditionally romantic gifts. But honestly, this one meant he was really listening to me not going into "lala land" when I go on one of my "what I really need is a.." trips.

Monday, December 23, 2002

Happy Holidays from Lucky and Snowflake.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002
I HAVE A NEW SOFA!!! I am very excited.

Yes, I may have had a birthday and Thanksgiving might have happened too... but getting a sofa. That's something that doesn't happen every year. It's a tweedy purply sofa with brass tacks outlining the leg detail. And I can snuggle my toes in between the cushions (hey, everyone has a fetish). Now I'm waiting for Hike to pick up the trusty ol' futon for his basement.

The birthday was good. The Saturday before, about eight of us went to see Harry Potter 2. I was very proud of FrenchToastGirl who, at almost 6 mths preggers, didn't leave her seat once! Had a good Italian meal with the family that Sunday and Monday, feasted with Lucky at the Red Lobster. Ahhhh... crab legs. (PS: Thank you to the little bird who let him know what I wanted for my birthday. It fits perfectly).

Thanksgiving was a bit different since only my mom and I could get together... so we went to the local duck house (come on... every town must have one!) and gourged ourselves on various duck dishes.

But back to the sofa.

Tomorrow, I am having ten people over for Survivor. And they will be touching MY SOFA. I do have it Scotch-protected (and have the additional "they come and clean if anything happens" thing) but still... they are my friends and they can be clumsy. We will see how I react.

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