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Friday, September 27, 2002
Went out last night in the pouring rain to participate in the weekly Survivor viewing party. Watching it made me realize how much importance people place on "feelings." One group almost voted out one of their stronger members because she doesn't work well with the group and that her personality is like "an encyclopedia." Duh... you just lost an immunity challenge because of lack of strength... you don't get rid of the Navy swim instructor (who also have survival knowledge). How could anyone even contemplate this, especially after only 6 days? Haven't they watched this show before? The other group is just as bad, chastising the members who are providing food and water to those building the shelter because "they aren't helping." Yes, concentrating on one task does help with teambuilding but what about time management, another corporate buzzword!

But then again, what right do I have to complain... I didn't apply. Was going to, but then thought "Do I really want to eat nasty things, get insect bites, or, most importantly, become a twobit celebrity?" I prefer to be famous in my own mind, thankyouverymuch.

Thursday, September 26, 2002
Yesterday I made gift baskets and displays for a silent auction which supports several local charities. Of course, since a good chunk of the money raised goes to the Community FoodBank of NJ, I had to help!

Helping out the Food Bank always reminds me of how much fun I had helping out when I was in Girl Scouts (12 years, Gold Medal, etc.). Volunteering was a bit easier then because Mutti (who, besides being my mother, was also the leader) made all of the arrangements and we just showed up. Now it's something that I have to make sure is a part of my life, as crazed as it is.

I wonder if there is a "real world" Circle K option out there.There are some organizations out there that do charitable work but they have some alternate reason involved (religion, politics, etc.); I just want to volunteer because I like it. In 1989, I coined the term "Narcisstic Philanthropy" since people who do "good things" generally get a good feeling about themselves when they do it. Years later, Phoebe on "Friends" talked about the same thing... which made my comparison to Phoebe ever stronger. (ya that was great.)

Tuesday, September 24, 2002
"Happiness is not having to share."
Last night French Toast Girl (FTG) came over to pick up the peach ice cream I had gotten her at Halo Farms. She mentioned jokingly that she was glad I had gotten a flavor that Chocolate Chip Boy (CCB) didn't like so she wouldn't have to give him some.

We're taught that it's always right to share everything we have. But sometimes it's nice to have something of your own. Whether it's your journal, the perfume you spritz on every morning, a trip to the mall, or a pint of seventh heaven ice cream, things are more precious when they belong only to you. And in a way, they help you become the person you are.

This weekend, we visited our ol' stomping grounds, the now defunct TSC. Although now TCNJ, it still is The Schol of Construction. The beautifully wooded walkway between the library and the residence halls is now a gated disaster zone (the wizardly chapel is still standing for now although it's supposed to be raized sometime next year to make room for the new library). We took pictures of Centennial (where I lived most of the time) since that's supposed to bite the dust too, and of Norsworthy (where Lucky lived most of the time) although that's probably going to be around for a while.

With the exception of the chapel which is just irritantly in the way of the future, the buildings that have or will bite the dust are of the ugly industrial 50-60s. It's interesting to see how some old things are revered and others which aren't as pretty are discarded. Speaking of which, I saw the sign for the Eickhoff Hall (why he's revered eludes me and why his name is on something that came AFTER New Res is beyond me) and managed to hold back the gag reflex.

Most important of all... we did a Halo Run! I will be posting the list of available flavors soon on the WildSnowflake.com site as Halo Farms does not have an official website.

Saturday, September 21, 2002
Over the summer, Lucky (the bf) and I have seen a bunch of good concerts. For some reason, most of the performers are able to cash in on the Silver Plate Special at Denny's. Clarence Clemons:60; Ray Charles:72; Tony Bennett: 76; even Bruce Springsteen is starting his sixth decade of existence!

Yep, we got to see the Boss in Jersey. He opened his dress rehearsal at the Meadowlands to about 1,200 people associated with the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. His generousity allowed for the FoodBank to raise around $20 grand . He and the band did an awesome job; it also was interesting seeing a bit of what goes on before a tour. He stopped a few of the songs to tweak them a bit. It was an experience that I will never forget.

Two days ago, we went to see Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall. I have mixed feelings about his performance. The beginning was a bit rough and he seemed a bit rushed through the songs. However, after he started singing the duets with k.d. lang and his newer material, his timing and enthusiasm improved. I don't blame him though. You sing the same songs for 60 years and you would lose interest in them too!

Oh, an interesting side note: after we returned to the train stop in a upper middle class NJ town, we witnessed a welldressed man relieving himself by his car. This was in a parking lot in plain view of the road and everything. And he seemed angry that we were interrupting him (well actually we didn't interrupt him but well....). It wasn't like there wasn't a bathroom on the train or that he wasn't probably 5 minutes away from his house. The last time I saw a person urinate in public was when I was in Ghana but in Suburbia? How crass!

Friday, September 20, 2002
Many people have expressed envy regarding the way I live my life. This 'blog is for them.

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